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Energy-boosting food (not just for kids)

Energy-boosting food (not just for kids)

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If you do not want our family members to be "discharged" throughout the day, you should not neglect the meals. Let's get to know the energy-boosting ingredients!

Many of the foods that give you energy are those of stone, chocolate, biscuits, and sugary sauces, which can really spin from time to time, and are not recommended to be consumed on a regular basis. In children, caffeine-containing foods and beverages are particularly harmful, as the young body is suddenly and heavily burdened. In addition to sleep disorders, they can also cause concentration and behavioral problems. In the case of sugary foods and beverages, glucose fluctuations can cause long-term problems. However, if you adjust your child's diet smartly, you will not need the aforementioned snacks and bowls, and you will be able to get energy between them to be balanced and tired.

Energy to give you food

The heat of white, carbohydrates and fats is released by the body, which gives energy. Everyone needs energy, but no matter what source and in what amount they win. For a developing organization, it is particularly important to provide it with high-quality and nutritious food. The egйszsйges йs conscious tбplбlkozбs here to segнtsйgьnkre, megfelelх йtrenddel the energiahбztartбst evenly tцlthetjьk fel.Az бllati fehйrjйk kцzьl lower zsнrtartalmъakat rйszesнtsьk elхnyben the szйnhidrбtoknбl the цsszetett szйnhidrбtъ йs high rosttartalmъakat consume inkбbb the zsiradйkokbуl the jу zsнrokat, ie esszenciбlis, йs we choose the most saturated fats.

Dolce Debate: Chocolate and Fruits

Healthy eating can also be enjoyable

We can do a lot for the health of the child if we replace the sugar bomb with 60% higher cocoa chocolates, because the flavonoids found in it have a good effect on the heart and also on the heart. It is advisable to bathe before the big upsets, because it raises energy levels suddenly, but its effects are quickly lost.It is important that the fruit is an organic part of the diet, Although dried fruits have a higher sugar content than their fresh counterparts, they are even more advantageous in their small amounts as their nutrient content can be suppressed by a few and even fewer sugars

Our exciting cereal: the grain

Wheat is one of our healthiest sources of energy, not only rich in minerals, trace elements and vitamins, but also alkaline and clean. Almost obligatory diets for children, the fluoride in it protects the teeth and high calcium content protects the bones. It is a major source of phosphorus and magnesium, so it can help fight fatigue and increase blood sugar levels evenly.

Sweet as sugar: light green pepper

The fresh, raw, light pepper has a slightly finer texture. It has a high antioxidant, flavonoid and essential amino acid content. It is an excellent source of potassium and phosphorus, thus helping to prevent exhaustion. The big favorites of the kids are the meals. We now have an original Italian lunch that is both refilled and refreshed. You can make the pestle with parsley and gnocchi; spelling green peas and shaping small potatoes can be a creative creative program.

Parsley with green pepper gnocchi

Time to finish: 40 minutes We met 4 people:
15 dkg of fresh green peas
1.5 dl green leaf or water
1 bunch of parsley
5 dkg хrцlt almonds
1 clove garlic
1 dl extra virgin olive oil
sou, black pepper
5 dg grated parmesan cheese
to gnocchi:
1 kg of potatoes, cut into cubes
10 dkg of oatmeal
10 dkg of white flour
1 eggFry the pepper in the base until soft, stuffed with parsley, almonds, garlic and olive oil and blend in the pepper. Suhval, peppercorns. If necessary, we add a little water. For the gnocchi, the potatoes are cooked in salty water and then beaten over the potato pulp with the flour, eggs and a little salt. We roll it with fingertip thick rods and cut it into 2 centimeter pieces. We lightly press it with a fork and sprinkle it with flour to make it surface and stick. Simmer in light, boiling water for 3-4 minutes, then turn over in a little olive oil. The pestle is piled on top and filtered with parmesan.
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