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At tens of points the fraternity

At tens of points the fraternity

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If you are not planning on a child, you will surely meet with the phenomenon of brotherhood. In the meantime, your abundant child, as if turning away from himself, behaves as if he were not. What can you do then?

1. Totally normalif the baby is behaving strangely after the baby arrives. Brotherhood is a normal reaction, just as the racket is a natural corollary to the development of a healthy personality.2. Tehбt accept itthat this is a harder time for the big guy. Acceptance is always the first step, and you can really help from here.
3. The fraternity it can take many forms the verb aggressively adheres to the mother's sticker and goes all the way until the baby goes "baby" and asks her to toss and lie in the stroller. As long as you do not jeopardize yourself or others' physical health, you can safely leave such manifestations. Even the one who got worn out could have been lying on the diaper table for a little while, or sir sorry for a dozen minutes.
4. Do not despise, be angry with me do not defile it (especially before others)! It didn't help her to handle the changed situation if she heard you say "This kid isn't acting like a baby!" Be tactful with it!
5. Sibling may not appear on the screen after the baby arrives. Finally, a new born is "not much water disturbance". But in a couple of months, much more and more needs it many times Mom, by then you might be having a big breakfast. (One of our kids only started sibling scenes after half a year)
6. Be very good tьrelmes! You think for as long as you have enough time to process your stories, there won't be enough. It can take up to several months for a process that - believe me, I know from experience - can be very nerve-wracking, but you can't clean it. If your patience is already very low, think about how well your baby responds and works.
7. Ask them to segнtsen about the baby. Depending on your age and age, you can ask them to bring you a pop hat, or help you bathe or help diaper. The smallest one works is to ask, have the baby entertained, and if the baby is laughing or reacting responsibly, there are plenty to give the big credit.
8. Prуbбld order it lots of eye contact between brothers and sisters. If she's singing or rocking her, play with her, tell her to look her in the eye. They are seen through the eye contact to one another's soul. Little kids are so pure!
9. Let there be a time when just the big oneyou deal with. When you don't have to share it, you only fulfill their needs. You need to adapt to another person so often ("I only breastfeed / cleanse / anesthetize, etc.") so many times that he / she deserves to adapt to it someday.
10. Don't Worry, The Reverse's Cute Little Boy / Baby Inverse Behavior it will die! I can say for sure. Everything will go back to normal, even better than the little brother's birth, just be tyrants and energies kivбrni. But the tunnel is always over!
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