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Super trick for breastfeeding next to toddler

Super trick for breastfeeding next to toddler

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If you are two with small children or at home, it is definitely a challenge for you to breastfeed the smaller one, while the larger one constantly needs your attention.

Super trick for breastfeeding next to toddler

Are you still prematurely sired while your baby is breastfeeding? A two-year-old mom shared a much better trick with readers. Meanwhile:'breastfeeding box'!Buy a bunch of trivia stickers, tiny figurines, etc. - put it in a nice box, and when it's time for a next breastfeeding, get it out and let your older baby pick something out! Guaranteed to be a "newcomer" point with this to occupy himself for the time you feed your smaller child. According to the mother of the idea, this idea helped her to "go" the first couple of months with her two little children. "How do I feel about being bribed? But, maybe a little bit. But that saved me all the upset. Of course, over time, breastfeeding was overwhelmed, and my big breast was much more adaptable, but the breastfeeding box was still alive. If I had known that the biggest challenge with breastfeeding would be with two kids, I would have been pregnant with such a box. "Of course, best of all, you book the bigger one. Most moms also appreciate the fact that they always bring a fairytale to the big breast during breastfeeding. This way, the big one will have the feeling of spending quality time with her. And even if you can go there while reading, you have physical contact and the world is even rounder. Even a mother who, while breastfeeding, has the energy to play a role, draw, sing, compete with the bigger one. But let's face it, it's rarer. And certainly children are not the same. It is more difficult to attract young children who are more intense about sibling in the midst of a small sucker, so it is difficult to distract from the number of "disturbed" activities. It requires a great deal of maternal patience, extra nervous system and extra creativity for difficult times.
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