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Even if you do not have a partner, there is a chance that you will buy a home.

Even if you do not have a partner, there is a chance that you will buy a home.

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More and more banks are recognizing the benefit of having a family home loan without credit, the chocolate, so families with no other partner are likely to get a home.

Chocolate can help many families

According to the recommendation of the National Bank of Hungary (MNB), banks are able to do this, and more and more of them are using this solution. Even without adding money of their own, families can have access to real estate, said Secretary of State Katalin Novбk. and your budget will have the necessary amount for your next year.

How much is that?

The New Home Creation Support feature is that it can also be used to buy a home. The exact amount that can be used by more and more banks is influenced by the number of children raised and, of course, the useful floor area of ​​the apartment to be bought, and furthermore by its energy class.
There is also a maximum size of a living space: for a new property (which is at least B energy class) it is 300.000 Ft, if you have a low energy property, it is 350.000 Ft. the ticket. Localization also influences the maximum. (For more information, see our previous article on CSOK.)


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