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BLW: 30 baby food can be eaten by hand

BLW: 30 baby food can be eaten by hand

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If you like to eat delicious snacks with BLW or just the toppings only, you will not miss the following alternatives.

BLW: 30 baby food can be eaten by handIn Hungary, it is officially possible to start feeding at 6 months, or when the baby is confident enough to stand alone and raise his or her mouth. By following the guidelines of nutrition, we can safely experiment with the tastes. According to experts, the greater the amount of food tasted at such a young age (the sour, the bitter, the sweet, the picnic), the less. No super cool idea! Important! Never leave a child alone while eating 1. Avocado (sliced ​​or diced) 2. Kцlesgolyу3. Rice cracker for baby4. Blueberry (very soft, cut in) 5. Banana (diced) 6. Beans (very soft cooked) 7. Broccoli (sliced ​​into soft, sliced) 8. Stews (roasted soft, diced) 9. Cauliflower (sliced, sliced). Kuki Extruded Corn Flakes11. Tojбsrбntotta12. Fish (cooked or uncooked, cooked, not cut and sliced) 13. Goat cheese (crushed) 14. Green beans (sliced, sliced). Stuffed beef (without being cooked) 16. Toast (very soft cooked) 17. Peaches / nectarines (ripe, ripened, pitted) 18. Pears (early ripened, bold, diced) 19. Borsou (cooked) 20. Potatoes (diced, deep fried in a little olive oil) 21. Krumplipьrй22. Rice (cooked by itself or with a little grated cheese). Cheese (shredded) 24. Sweet potatoes (roasted and cut into small pieces or diced, deep fried in a little olive oil) 25. Tofu (diced) 26. Tomatoes (spelled, diced). Zucchini (diced, cooked) 28. Watermelons (diced, pitted) 29. Rabbit (cooked soft, diced) 30. Whole-wheat toasted bread ends in small cubes (can we make fruit or greens, avocado cream, or a little almond butter)Related articles in BLW:
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