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The Education Office decides who can stay for a year

The Education Office decides who can stay for a year

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If the parent still has a child in kindergarten for one year, they must apply by January 15 to the Education Office. Applications for school-leaving examination will be processed by the Education Office.

The country has changed the law every summer: according to the new regulation, it is decided by a specialist to keep the child in school for a year. So far, the parent has asked the school manager to let the child stay in the school for a year, starting January 1st, 2020. However, it was not clear until now who to turn to.The Education Office decides who can stay for a year (photo: iStock) The applications for school-leaving examinations are The Education Office will hire you, the justifications a referred to pedagogical services to assess the level of development needed to get to school. They will conduct the examination on the basis of current professional protocols, Maruzsa Zoltab, Emmi's public secretary in charge of the Democratic Trade Union of Educators, reports the Index. This choice is important because there is still no decree on how to conduct the school-leaving examination.If the parent does not want the children to go to school, then You must apply by January 15 to the Education Office. Expert examinations are to be conducted by specialist educational services.Hungarian Emma йs Tibor Fehér pszicholуgusok the PDSZ aktivistбi kцzцltйk, the Office Oktatбsi megkцzelнtхleg 30 people will elbнrбlni beйrkezett online felьletйre kйrvйnyeket, tцbbnyire уvodapedagуgus szakemberek.Negatнv elbнrбlбs esetйn the szьlх йrvйnyesнtheti kцzigazgatбsi lawsuit ellenvйlemйnyйt.Amennyiben pozitнv elbнrбlбs szьletik only child tovбbb kьldik the esedйkes jбrбsi pedagуgiai szakszolgбlathoz. If the parent does not agree with these opinions, you can appeal the expert opinion. However, it is not yet known what kind of official certificates the parent has to submit. The ministry justifies this by saying that the burden of proof lies with the parents. However, according to two psychologists, this will result in parents with an agile, better class position, higher level of scientific knowledge, According to Zoltán Maruzsa's announcement, it is already ready, but it is always necessary to wait a month before it is published in the Hungarian Gazette. In addition to the forthcoming decree, detailed information on the new rules will be provided to school leaders and school educators.
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