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Symptoms of intolerance

Symptoms of intolerance

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If we have a barrier to normal transmission in the mouth, we talk about ileus. As a result, the transmission of the content is partially or completely interrupted.

Symptoms of intoleranceThe cause of intestinal obstruction may be mechanical (foreign body), but it may also be caused by obstruction of the intestine or peristalsis. It can occur at any age, or it can be congenital. Signs of bowel obstruction develop gradually or occur in an acute form depending on the stage of the obstruction. In mechanical disruption, the obesity responds with increased movement (mobility). As a result, the abdomen is swollen painfully (stomach belly) and sweats, ulcers, chills or constipation, resulting in symptoms of cold sweating, restlessness, and paleness.The most common symptoms of bowel movements are:
  • Twelve-fold stomach
  • Abdominal distention
  • Szйkrekedйs
  • Massive vomiting
  • Weak pulse
The cause of bullying due to sin may be a serious infection in children. Inflammatory and toxic changes can cause internal wall damage; So the diet is no longer transported inside. When listening to the abdomen, you can always hear the ring. The stomach was swollen due to gas. She does not go out. Unlike foreign body engorgement, pain is spontaneous or pressed only in a weakened form. However, massive vomiting and shock may occur in the same way. The patient may end up escaping the contents.In case of suspicion, take your child to a doctor or call for an emergency. Without acute medical care there is an acute danger to life!The doctor confirms the diagnosis by suspecting ultrasound and X-rays. If the suspicion is confirmed, it should be resolved immediately. After hospital treatment, do not exert any physical or psychological strain on your child during weaning. She needs a lot of peace of mind. Discuss your post-operative nutrition plan with your doctor. Source: Helmut Keudel, Barbara Capelle: Pediatric Diseases. kцnyve.Related articles in this topic:
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