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Turn on the fun power of sunlight, but make sure you don't cut it off!

If you had a good time at this time last year, then surely napfйnyimбdу or, but now, with your tummy, be more careful about how your skin behaves. Hormones can cause brown spots to develop, even without sunburn, which will become more pronounced when exposed to sunlight. Of course, if you are one of the lucky ones, you can have a big straw hat on your head, even in bikini, except for the southern eagles. It's blissful napfйny it penetrates through the abdomen, and the fetus also senses a slightly lighter, reddish tint inside. Of course, when you get more serious, protect your tummy!


It is the most potent source of vitamin D in the long term. For dry, prone to dermatitis, eczema is a trouble-free period, but you should start sunbathing very carefully, gradually. Your baby's skin is much thinner than his adult skin, so at least three months old, napfйny, and after about five months, follow this rule: place the baby completely nude in a sunny place on the belly and back for a few minutes in the early waking or late dinners. Increase the amount of time you spend each day by three minutes every day until you reach the five minutes - enough for a year.

Cool education

You can never go that way day don't you push into the stroller? Sunblock, fluffy cloth - so baby didn't look, and it's way too hot. Instead, lower the roof and fasten the umbrella on the car. You can always set this at just the right angle, and even tiny mobile figures on the wind, plus it can be fitted to any stroller and rest, waterproof, and double +50 UPF in UV.

Don't leave the hat at home!

You can't rely on whether you find shade at the campsite or on the beach, but you don't have to look at the shade of a single clear tree in the park: take this flip flop, the ultra-light, lightweight stroke. You can settle down with it anywhere napozhatszwhile keeping the baby close to you in the shade.

Цrцkmozgуk in the sun

Exposed in sunny outdoors and exposed to clouds in the cloud UV sugбrzбsso the clothes are the safest protection. You can't always keep a small kid running around, so leave a big party in the heat when it's hot. dayor spending a lot of time outside. UV-filtered beachwear is breathable, dries quickly when wet, and protects against harmful radiation.

Why is her ear red?

It surely stands out from the usual resistance cap and takes up the incident rays at an ideal angle. Like the ears, the head of a small kid squatting in the sand and the tiny neck of a polo boy are much more napsьtйst gets like the rest of the body - they are always broadcast at a great angle. As the adverse effects of our lives add up, the critical quantities accumulate in these areas first, so we should not forget about increased protection. You can clean your ears, thighs, neck, shoulders and eyes with a single vent piece, the flip flops.

Sunglasses for the little kid too!

But not the waggle pleaser, but because it is UV rays can cause the same damage to the skin as the skin. And light eyes are less protected by the body's own pigment than white skin. If the kid is out all day, the eyes also need protection, a good solution is the hat. However, for a Mediterranean, waterfront or mountain vacation, this does not always provide enough protection, in which case you may need sunglasses. However, a cool toy sunglasses dark does not filter out the UV raysand more harmful: in the dark, the pupil expands, and more radiation is injected into the nerve cortex. You can be sure to get a UV-filtered sunglass for your baby's size at a convenience store or baby store with a flexible buckle to prevent it from falling off or disturbing the play.


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