The creepy child's brain

The creepy child's brain

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No other organ of our child develops at such an astonishing rate in the first few years as the brain that learns anything at this age - with little heat.

The creepy child's brainIf we think of a child's brain, йrdemes note that you have already the ъjszьlцttek brains elkйpesztхen complex felйpнtmйny that you have already nagyjбbуl 100 milliбrd complex egymбssal цsszekцttetйsben бllу idegsejtbхl бll also elsх levegхvйtelьk pillanatбban - not vйletlenьl, as kцzvetlenьl elхttьk бllу tasks (the lйgzйs, food, sight, hearing, and so on) are specifically composed. With this in mind, however, it's not so surprising that babies' brains are able to make a reliable difference between cats and dogs, by the second, it has 80 percent. Beyond your third day of birth, the number of neurons in your brain is already higher than what you will need in your entire life-long life (but your brain will not grow until you become older).

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At this time, little kids He spends 60 percent of his total energy input on brain development the body - unlike an adult, which does just 25 percent of the energy it uses. Small kids' minds can be shaped immensely by what they experience and learn. This is also true for newborns (attention, fragile touch, attention, and addressing them - possibly in color - is why it is so important for parents). At the same time, we will keep an eye out when our child's brain reaches a new level in this area: then, at the age of 2, they begin to ask for so many things, why do you ask questions. from about 5 to about 5 years old, but kids don't just learn by talking: virtually every activity creates new relationships in their brains. say, say, play the piano or pronounce foreign words, then you will not really be able to do it soon. This is not true, but if you know that they really do have a slightly stricter boundary: and if no child speaks by the age of 5, then it is difficult for her to speak Colors are less with the study of speech. As far as reading is concerned, they must shed their footing before the age of 8, so that they do not have problems in the future. From this, the baby's brain learns anything with little heat, such as foreign languages ​​or music, sports and other skills.More and more, children have a significant role in the development of speech exercise has a great impact on children's brain development. Recent research in this regard, however, has produced some surprising results: for example, fast running not only improves children's motor abilities, but also improves composite thinking: you will be more confident in your choice.Working and running (that is, the opposite hand and foot moving at the same time) also improve the communication between We are in the process of developing: virtually no toy is worth underestimating in this quest - mainly because it seems simple. pйldбul about the йpнtхkockбkkal vйgeztek tцbb kнsйrletet, according to which you have already 15 minutes with these vйgzett, free jбtйk also on elkйpesztх hatбst a child's brain: learn geometrical knowledge, tovбbbб szнnekrхl, formбkrуl йs egyйb physical tйnyekrхl szуlу kulcsinformбciуkat it you have already a single toronyйpнtgetйs (йs -rombolбs ).Related articles on Child Development:
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