Children's Day Programs at Szilforgut

Children's Day Programs at Szilforgut

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Children's Day in Pest, Children's Day in Bud, Children's Day in Budapest. Children's Day with Bogi Salalki, Children's Day with Kalabka, Children's Day with Kolompos and of course Alma, Train Children's Day, Animal Children's Day! Fire Child's Day… Let's see the details!

Children's Day: a day that is just for kids

Classic for Children's Day, the 25th anniversary of the International Children's Rescue Service, Várrosliget Children's Day, held in Várrosliget, has an incredible number of programs this year. For example, performing on the stage with the Little Bass Band and the Model Pinch, you can watch Indonesian and Tartar children's shows, horse shows, soccer cups, dog shows, but not much more, click on the link above.
The III. Thank you for the Fairy Tale Festival. Along with many tales, you can enjoy the Rocky Mountain and cross the Ocean, and whoever exposes you will find great rewards at the end. Musical scores are guaranteed on Saturday by Ghymes, and Sunday by Bori Rutkai and his band.

Where to go on Saturday, May 30th:

On May 30, firefighters will "move out" to the main square in Pilisvörösvár, they will carry a big red car, fire equipment, and the children they want to go, too!
In Ferencváros, the children are celebrated on Saturday, not to mention: Salgie Bergi sings to them;
Soroksárron is waiting for the family with a real parade on Saturday. On the Children's Day in the Molnár Island Tiber Garden, Makab, Rick Farkashazzi and the Tintanyъl Band, Betty Balázs and Feri Varga will celebrate with the children, and Zoli Bohu and the puppet show will also celebrate.
On May 30th, it will be worth a visit to Szigetszentmiklós as well, because there is a special Nostalgia Children's Day, where parents can recall their fond memories when listening to or hearing about a vinyl record.
Wonderful adventures and family life await you at Lake Balaton on Children's Day! Which kid wouldn't want a boat to rush to a super concert, meet a Picnic Cat and a Teddy Bear, try out lots of games and take home some valuable prizes? On Saturday the family awaits the Balaton Minimax Boat Cruise event, where they can take part in a wonderful program-enriched Balaton boat. Have a great time on Saturday, it is worth to go to Siofok!

Where on May 31, you went Sunday:

Do you know why you have a kids' day at the Railroad Park? Because little kids and big kids will enjoy both. On this day, of course, all interactive games are in operation, but there are also many programs waiting for you throughout the park. In Budapest, the big favorite Alma ensemble takes place in two places on Children's Day, one of which will be the Railway Park. And even if it weren't enough, we'd love to know that the Windforge will be out there on Children's Day too!
Families of music lovers are clearly in the Music Academy: this year is the first time that the Big Flour Corncrake Children's Day is being held for children aged 6-15 and their parents. As part of the program, the smaller ones can take part in small group Liszt-maggie classes, and the larger ones can enjoy matinee concerts. Admission to all programs is free.
For animal enthusiasts, we recommend Noé's Animal Home Children's Day program. After you have visited all the little favorites, the pleasurable ones, you will still appreciate concerts, crafts and the playground. The Bуkay 18th District also has a diverse program on May 31st. Here you could watch the performance of Kandor Boots, Vilmos Gryllus and the Apacuka band.
We also offer you an extra dog program, which, although not very child-friendly, is a great opportunity for you to take some fun exams at the 88th Examiner in Győr. We're not talking about a few dogs, but about 200 ... If you have a dog (whatever it is, be "only compatible") with whom you would like to travel one Sunday, then here's your place. Fresh air, examination support in every quantity and good mood, you can count on it! Registration required for registration!
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