How to distinguish facial inflammation from the week

How to distinguish facial inflammation from the week

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Children, due to anatomical features over their age, have a mild development of a simple four-fold inflammation of the nasal passages, most often facial nerve or fibrous cells.

How to distinguish facial inflammation from the week

Nettle and inflammation of the nasal passages of the breast can be distinguished by certain symptoms, which can help parents to assess when it is not advisable to treat them at home.

It is a common occurrence

Practicing parenting is not a matter of doubt when a child starts to cough one day and coughs. Children coming to commune in the fall / winter season VI 6-8 mild, short course, a hesitant state can be considered completely normal - he says dr. Monika Augusztinovicz Ear, nose and throat, allergologist, doctor at the Center for nose and throat. These illnesses can be easily treated with a little rest, nose drops, and warm drinks, but unfortunately, in some cases, you may develop facial inflammation.

Ntha, or facial inflammation?

Inflammation of the facial nerve or fibrous cell begins with common symptoms of urticaria, such as nasal congestion, tiredness, and a yellowish green, usually dense runny nose. The main symptoms are runny nose and runny nose due to coughing, but also headache, sometimes high fever, and swelling around the eyes. It is also an important sign if nбtha Transient improvement followed by deterioration. It is also important to distinguish between two diseases because even though the viruses are caused by it, it is the consequence of bacterial superinfection that it requires as a result antibiotics need to be treated.

After ten days you may need antibiotic treatment

In children, the face areas breathe through the narrow lips above the nose. When the mucous membrane swells in this area, the wells become blocked, the fluid they produce increases, and provides an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Inflammation usually also spontaneously heals, but if It does not improve in 10 days, antibiotic treatment is required because bacterial inflammation is the cause after initial viral infection.

How not to have NBI?

Although children are more prone to it, it is not normal for this event to follow every week. It is very important to ensure ventilation of the face and nasal area orrszнvбssal, bigger with regular nosebleeds And age-appropriate mucous membranes of the mucous membrane, or nasal spray, can ensure it. Monika Augusztinovicz. The untreated, untreated allergy causes a kind of permanent inflammation in the respiratory tract. With the right agents, they can eliminate inflammation and the nasal cavity can restore its natural protective function.


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