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About maternity support

About maternity support

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About maternity support

We often find that parents who have a child do not know the benefits they are entitled to and the tasks and locations they need.

We often find that parents who have a child do not know the benefits they have, and what they need to do, and where they need it. they also have the status and continuity of a good childcare allowance (maternity benefit, child care allowance, child care benefit, maternity support, family allowances).
If, however, the eligible parent works in a workplace where there is no payment, the benefit must be claimed by different institutions. For example, the maternity allowance and maternity allowance from the Health Insurance Fund, maternity support and family allowances from the Regional State Treasury Office.
For ease of reference, we detail the benefits that parents, especially when they are having their first child, are entitled to. We will describe the conditions under which the claim can be made, how to apply for it, and what documents need to be attached to the claim form.
Maternity support, child care and family pills. There are civil rights benefits that are available to all parents, so we will discuss them regularly for each group. The benefits will be presented on a continuous basis, with the family parties first.
On October 29, 2002, the Assembly adopted a change to the Law on Support for Families.
Benefits can be claimed under the same conditions, regardless of the income and financial situation of the family.

Who Eligible for Family Cheats?

Eligible can be divided into three main groups:
  • children, parents, parents, parents, parents, parents, parents, parents, parents, children public education) after having a child,
  • the child (person), who is a guardian of the trustee's rights, or the trustee's ad hoc guardian, in a child's home, in a correctional institution or in a penitentiary,
  • the head of the social institution after the child (person) placed in the institution.

When Can Family Lawsuits Go Through My Own Law?

  • a person who is 18 years of age, permanently ill or severely handicapped,
  • a great-age student studying in a public institution,
  • whose parents were all dead,
  • whose unmarried parent, widow, divorced parent or single parent living in a household is deceased,
  • who has dropped out of transition or education,
  • whose custody was terminated because of her grandfathered desire.

Who is a person who is permanently ill or severely disabled?

Persistently ill or seriously disabled:
  • a child under the age of 18 who is in need of special care or care due to illness or disability as defined by special legislation (Decree 17/1990 (V.8.) EYE)
  • a person over the age of 18 who has lost at least 67% of his or her ability to work before reaching the age of 18, and this status is maintained for one year or at least for one year.
As of December 31, 2003, no new entitlement shall be granted to family members over the age of eighteen years, unless the entitlement expires on January 1, 2004. until we get it.

Does the child go home until the age of one?

As of 2003, the eligibility limit for family allowances for families is raised by one year, so from September 1, 2004, the child will benefit until the age of 23. Family eligibility for family reunions is aligned with the Public Education Act, as the Public Education Act allows for enrollment in full-time education up to the age of 23.

Do family parties come after the higher education institution?

After listening to a higher education institution, family parties do not come, even if, for example, it is only 18 years old, but if the family is raising more children, it should be taken into account when determining the amount of family members.

And how do you justify eligibility for Family Bars?

The head of the public education institution has to certify the "proof of student status" in a non-formal form
  • from the age of compulsory education onwards, all pupils are entitled to the status of a pupil until 30 September, the most recent date of termination
  • the student's legal status was terminated within one month of the termination of the child's compulsory education.

Who can be considered as a child for the purpose of determining the amount of benefit?

  • A vulnerable, adopted, or raised child who, after being a parent, a foster parent, is entitled to family pens,
  • who is a student in a higher education institution or is a first-year student at a university or college level and has no regular periodic education, and is a regular student at a tertiary education institution
  • the person who is entitled to the allowance in his own right, and
  • a person with a disability and social assistance, provided that he or she has not been temporarily or continuously educated by the Tribunal and is in contact with the family.

Who's the one?

A single parent is single, unmarried, widowed, divorced, unmarried and has no life partner. Because of this, the custody of the welfare state is unique,
  • whose partner, his life partner, was doing military service,
  • if you or your spouse, your life partner is a public school student, a first degree student, and no income from a higher education institution,
  • if you have disability support,
  • if the total amount of the invalidity pensioner, the accidental invalidity pensioner and the pensioner does not exceed the minimum sum per group and no other income,
  • if the amount of the pension, the pension and the pension do not exceed the amount of the old-age pension and no other income,
  • if you are elderly, in regular social assistance, in regular social services, in military care, and you have no other income,
  • he / she has reached the age of retirement and has no income.

When can a parent in a foreign country get a family meal?

If the duration of the stay abroad does not exceed three months.

What happens if another person is entitled to maintenance after the child?

If another person is eligible for the Family Party this month, the new person will be eligible for support the following month.

Which parent can claim the family party?

If the child is living with a single parent in the household, any parent, including a child-friendly parent, can claim the family allowance on their joint statement. In the absence of an agreement on the request of the parents seeking care, the City's Office of Welfare decided.

How and where should I register my claim for family badges?

Claims for Family Charges must be submitted on the "Claim Family Chairs" form at the employer's place of payment or at the County Regional Office of the State where you are domiciled. If there is a change in the number of children following the submission, this should be done using the form "Notification of Change of Number of Children".


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