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6 + 1 tips to avoid wasting your time under the tree

6 + 1 tips to avoid wasting your time under the tree

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After holidays we indulge in so much in my limlom. Wondering how to overcome this wicked problem Moms tell their best tips.

What to avoid under the Christmas tree?

Conscious construction

As a first child, we also got a lot of plastic stuff and stuff and a whole lot of extraordinary stuff. We then arranged for relatives to throw in a good, but unfortunately very expensive game set for the starter, and continue to do so for every holiday party. Nowadays, we do a lot of smoking in wooden trains and rails, but at least hollow pieces and dad love to play with it. :-)

Flowing the baby

For the time being, we accept only a small, symbolic gift, if the family wants to "donate", then the baby's liquid is there to enrich it. Still wondering if the family members can hold back, this will be our first baby Christmas.


I don't want to get stuck in what to ask for, this is private. I'd rather sort the gifts I got, put a part in a box, and just lose it sooner when I get bored with the first batch.

Let's get to my lips

When it comes to what the child likes, what does not, what is dangerous, what is not, and what has not gone through the filter, I pack it up. Then, if I have the time, the dangerous, useless things go to the trash that are usable, just don't like it, I'll take them to the doctor's office, or they'll keep the little ones playing in the blood, or share them.


I'll talk to relatives first about what the little ones need. Grandma, because they have a lot, takes a gift for them to play with. And it is their job to buy it there.

Order is his soul

Really, it doesn't bother you that much of your advice. Rather, the first one got them all "properly", and the third one got all the high-octane sets, dolls, and accesses "in bulk". So I think pick a little bit and make sure you keep something that belongs to you somehow.

+1 Tip - Letter for grandparents

We will share it in a simple newsletter, discussing the games we want for our baby. Grandparents accept that we prefer to choose which games are appropriate for their age and interest, and even deserve this little help. They then discuss with each other what they can do.
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