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ALMA: You're here!

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A new storybook for kids and kids over 6 years old. Learn about the ALMA story.

"In the beginning, Alma was barely here: her little mother rested in the belly of her mother, Noima. For the time being, she was just like a light-dusted eye. She didn't even know it." , pepper, gum sugar size. It grows gradually, develops its organs of life and becomes more and more anxious. And one day he decided to leave his safe haven.
ALMA is the intimate story of the world before birth.
Drawn by two men's hands, Stéphane Audeguy's text of special tone is compiled by Laurent Moreau, a humorous and poetic illustration based on the light of nature, the least known secret day of human life. Special picture book with foldable pages.
Recommended for children ages 6 and up.Or for young children. Or anyone who's interested in a true tale from another site.
Iris from the book:
"It's been nine weeks since little Alma started life in her mother's tummy. There was a different thing happening to her again. Alma was as small as a sugar candy at that time. But not a baby because a nine-week old baby is as big as a sugar. The strange thing was that Alma fell asleep. that he is a miniature eel, or a spider, maybe a tiny peppercorn. And that last one was not far from the truth. "
"Alma aprу lumpy agytekervйnyei also very megvбltoztak Now kйt hasonlнtottak fine szбlbуl szхtt skein, which megбllбs nйlkьl twist to vйgьl lбtszуlag vйletlenьl fonуdjanak the leggubancosabb csomуkba цssze Kйsхbb Alma's mind is you have already kйpes ъgy solve even the most complex tasks as if they kцnnyыek lennйnek..: Apple will come, hold her light correctly, learn how to nose, laugh and sing, she will slide in the park nearby, count the birds in the sky, read, write and draw. "
The book will be published on April 25 by Vivandra Publishing with Petra Finy Hungarian Hungarian.