Flying with little ones

Flying with little ones

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We've collected things to watch out for when you fly the baby. Plan ahead! Be careful when choosing your airline, as their services may be different.


Children under two yearsthe basic ten can carry a baby ticket in the adult's life - one child under the age of two, and a baby carrier provided by the law. An additional child, and children between the ages of two and twelve, must buy children tickets. The price depends on the rate, usually sixty-seven percent of the base price.


THE baby tickets are not eligible for a seat, the little one in the grown-up ьl. If a child under the age of two is outdoors in particular, the adult traveling with him or her must have CE or FAA certified babies. Travelers with the child can enter the first place, if necessary a special (infant) seat belt, and the children receive a blanket.

We've collected things to watch out for when you fly the baby.


On board the folding baby stroller and carriage can be carried by the parents. They are free of charge, and you only have to pay extra if you are over or under the weight limit. Depending on the size and size of the airplane, employees may place their stroller or car in the luggage after delivery. In this case, care is taken to ensure that parents are picked up at the aircraft door or at the arrival airport transit area as soon as possible.

Baby bottle, dressing, diaper

On board at most 100 ml of liquid container should be carried, one person per liter. There are no restrictions on drugs, diabetic products, and baby foods that are needed over the course of the next five years. There is a possibility of warming up, the flight attendants help. Children's tickets can be requested at least 24 hours before ticket departure or before departure.
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