Frequently asked about homeopathic treatments

Frequently asked about homeopathic treatments

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We collected a couple of the most frequently asked questions about homeopathy and received a specialist response. We recommend this article to anyone who would like more information on such treatments!

Frequently asked about homeopathic treatments

  • Are there any clinical trials that have shown that homeopathic remedies are effective?
    - Yes, there are a large number of such examinations available, both from homeopathic pharmaceutical companies, and from independent research teams and clinics.

  • Are Homeopathic Medicines Registered?
    - Yes, homeopathic remedies, both monocomponent, that is, made from a single ingredient, and complex, that is, more than one homeopathic medicine, are registered.
  • How and when to take a homeopathic remedy?
    - Homeopathic remedies can be taken at any time, so there is no life stage that can be an exclusive cause.
    - In practice, homeopathic balls should be sucked under the tongue and should not be eaten or drunk for 15-30 minutes. Clean mouth before ingestion! When in a state of emergency, such as bruising or high fever, we literally can't pay attention to it, but that's no problem, it's about giving the medicine to the patient!
    - Single dose of 5 balls!
    - Balls should be sucked under the tongue, but they can also be given by dissolving the balls in a glass of water, for example: infants, adults, or children with severe or very intense symptoms!
    - It is important that you do not use strong fragrance and aroma formulations, such as menthol, camphor ointments, toothpaste when taking homeopathic remedies! And keep away from homeopathic medicine vials too!
  • Can children and infants take homeopathic remedies?
    - Yes, infants and children can take homeopathic remedies without risk! It is important that homeopathic remedies can be given even with the necessary antibiotic treatment or other medication!
    - In a glass of glass, dissolved in a little water we can give the babies the drug of choice!
  • Can You Overdo Your Homeopathic Remedies? What should we do if a child accidentally takes a lot of homeopathy, or maybe takes the whole vial and sucks it?
    - The child will not be in any harm, as the homeopathic remedies cannot be overdosed. The effect is basically not on the number of balls consumed, but on how many times you take the drug. What should you do? If your child is already big, give him a menthol candy. If not, give her the usual herbal medicine, which is usually aromatic!
  • Can I get used to taking homeopathic remedies?
    - No, homeopathic remedies are not used to them because their effects are not related to a specific chemical reaction or receptor binding, but the effect of the homeopathic medicine is based on its ability to act on the entire body with a relatively small stimulus.
  • Do homeopathic remedies have side effects?
    - No, homeopathic remedies do not cause side effects when used properly (with faith and faithfulness)!
  • Can Homeopathy Be Used With Other Medicines At The Same Time?
    - Yes! Homeopathic remedies are not effective where they are used to treat acute illnesses without the risk of traditional drugs, so they can be used interchangeably. In case of chronic medication or in case of acute situation the patient is antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs can safely be given homeopathic remedies!
    - Homeopathic remedies accelerate healing and reduce the risk of developing events!


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