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So apply homeopathy!

So apply homeopathy!

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We have collected the most common questions about the use and storage of homeopathic remedies.

How do I buy homeopathic remedies?

Take it as much as possible between two meals so that you rinse your mouth with clean water. The balls should not be chewed or swallowed, but sucked under the tongue to minimize the amount of oral ingestion. The information contained in the drug is absorbed from the oral mucosa of the mouth.

Are There Foods To Avoid?

Be sure to skip half an hour between eating and homeopathic remedies if you have consumed strong flavored foods. These include mint, tobacco, coffee, tea, chamomile. Do not use menthol toothpaste, it is best if your toothpaste is homeopathic. You can get more in the drug stores.

How should I administer the drug?

Usually five balls should be taken from the tube at a time. Unlike non-homeopathic remedies, in our case the dosage is independent of the patient's age and weight. Not the quantity, but the frequency.

Is it possible to write to the balls?

Not forbidden, but more effective if you do not handle the medicine. With the help of a top dosage of homeopathic remedies, this can be eliminated.

How can I give it to my baby?

Dissolve in a little water, then water it with a spoon or a small cup of water. A new solution should be prepared every day. The dose is the same as the adult dose!

Is it possible to take homeopathy and non-homeopathy (allopathy) at the same time?

Nothing to stop. It is not impossible to change your medicine if you are taking allopathy and homeopathy at the same time. Today, it is becoming increasingly common for a doctor to use both types of healing procedures.

Can I take homeopathic remedies on an adventurous basis?

Yes. No side effects occur during homeopathic treatment. Homeopathic remedies are not toxic in large quantities. Neither the fetus nor the expectant mother has a bad effect on homeopathic treatment. But definitely mention to your homeopathy doctor if you are expecting a baby!

Do Homeopathic Agents Have Expiration Date?

Yes, you find it on the packaging. Be sure to keep this date in mind for proper effect!

How do I store homeopathic remedies?

Because these drugs emit vibrations, keep them away from the tubes that work with them (cellphone, radio, cell phone, microwave oven, computer). It is advisable to keep the original packing and store the vials in a dry place.