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From here, across the border: celebrate Easter on the outside

From here, across the border: celebrate Easter on the outside

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Careful egg pinging, Easter ham with lots of boiled eggs, watering poems in the shape of chickens, bunnies in chocolate… - that's what Easter is for. But how do you celebrate a foreigner?

Small children are captivated by the ritual of Easter

In Hungary, even tiny kids paint eggs or start daddy sprinkling on Easter Monday, and there are many families today that make fresh green fries to make a little biscuit ajбndйkokat. The hagyomбnyok, szokбsok ismйtlйsйt or йppen йvrхl-йvre tцrtйnх vбltozбsбt, alakulбsбt, csalбdra made verziуjбt love their children, they themselves хk nйha йppen hozzб-it.If this kinйzьnk, orszбghatбron tъlra, akбr nйhбny цtletet also elleshetьnk mбs orszбgok hъsvйti hagyomбnyaibуl - is, of course is also something that you should rather watch from a distance. Today, many people spend Easter at wellness hotels in the countryside or abroad. If you are traveling, it is worth reading up on it as we can meet in the spring for a relaxing holiday. We also collected some interesting habits.In Sweden, for example, wells decorated with paper ribbons and colored eggs, so honoring the holiday before the water of life. It is also customary at Easter for everyone to wear new clothes and for relatives and friends to visit each other - it symbolizes newborn, newborn life. Because the English go out to a nearby hill at Easter, and from there eggs are gurnt. The winner of the festive competition is the one whose eggs break the risky adventure. In one of Belgium's cities, the egg is the protagonist. In Kruishoutem they lay eggs, where they also choose an egg princess and an egg princessand from the church tower they drop eggs with small parachutes. The Czech has a tradition similar to the Hungarian custom, this is the so-called pбlcбzбs. That is, here the boys do not water the girls with water, but they strike them gently with a woodcock. If they do, just like us, they get eggs. In Bulgaria, eggs have a special role to play at Easter. The Bulgarians an extraordinary number of painted eggs surround Easter breadwhich the priest blesses in the temple, and then the people offer to their relatives and friends. Eggs are cut up the next day, cut to a tree near the temple, and eaten first after fasting. However, there is a louder and more conventional habit - perhaps not surprisingly. In Greece there is an island - Chios - where at Easter rocking, fireworks the locals. Just put the exact costumes on the walls of the houses, temples, and start the "exile" from here. According to some sources, the XIX. For centuries - for the time of the Turks' refrigeration - the tradition of loading has been laid back. Of course, the unusual habit is not unsafe, sometimes it also causes ruin, but the people living on the island adhere to the old tradition. More Easter Articles:
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