Play in the bath

Play in the bath

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Give the baby a little spanking a little spanking a few times.

If you are still uncertain in the high water, it is enough for the braver to just "cheer" in the full. Ultimately, when you are in dry water, the buoyancy of the water is already strongly influenced by your upper arms. Never leave you alone for a minute!


Let some water in the bathtub so that the little one can lie on his stomach. Let's patch the sponge figures on the side of the code. Let's encourage the baby to bathe them.
Lubricate the back with baby oil, baby bath oil or cream soap (Hydrophilium nonionicum, available in pharmacy). Let's use your finger to draw sketches, curls. A little tickle, a little masseuse, he'll laugh at him.

Let it splash over time!


Collect smaller or larger colored pebbles, empty snail shells. Wash them and put them on the bottom of the tub. The stones run low, the snails fall on the surface. Give the baby a sandpit to catch the floating snails.
In Papronsch, let's move the little rubber. Once your hair is done, the rescue can begin!
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