Baby with ubiquitous in the back because his boyfriend couldn't find a babysitter

Baby with ubiquitous in the back because his boyfriend couldn't find a babysitter

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The teacher with multiple children said that she had a baby in her back while her student was taking notes in her.

Baby with an ubiquitous boy in the back because his boyfriend could not find a babysitter (photo: Twitter)A Georgian university student found no babysitter, the teacher wanted to take care of the baby while holding a three-man anatomy - he told CNN at because the Byssitter got sick. Ramata Sissoko Cissé, a biology professor herself, a mother with many children, said without thinking, "I felt so, I felt, I needed help. notes. "Give me the baby," Cissé told him. Since the professor couldn't teach and hold the baby at the same time, he wrapped it in a notebook with the help of a carry. (photo: Twitter)
The baby fell asleep quickly and slept for the rest of his life. Professor Cissé introduced the baby to the concepts of the nervous system and brain function.
Cissé told CNN that the listener thanked her later by email. "Very kindly, I'll always be there for you," he replied, and the listener said, "I know."
"Love and compassion is a part of my classroom philosopher," Cissé said.


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