On the wings of the tale

On the wings of the tale

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It is an ancient custom that people tell stories to each other, to their children, to their acquaintances. As great as the difference between a fairy tale and a fairy tale is, it is the same and universal pleasure that is chosen in fairy tales and listening.

The tale is about flying your child into a magical world

Take, for example, a book read in the mole book rag. Who knows, one in a couple of childbirths, I bought it myself in antique because I was very fond of it in my childhood, and so did my sons. Mole For years we've been with us everywhere, on vacation, on order, on the playground. I rarely read the original text, but rather brains it out, with new details being added to the basic concept. What were the treasures of the Little Mole? As we look through the picture, we are guessed what we can all be down there in the mole collection. On our shelves are all the fairy books we read about that time. We feel it is important to share it with our kids and to share your favorite stories with us again. Dorothy adventure in the realm? How sensual was it to listen to the story? I can remember it well, even for decades. It was a wonderful sensation that the evil Western witchcraft could be destroyed with a bunch of water! And that solution, the magic pendant, was right there in Dorka's foot. The key to the situation is you are capable of helping yourself - this is what I have outlined in this story. a little bit that "only" the boss needed, a bucket of dirty water ... and that's exactly what's really great in fairy tales: you speak to everyone in your own language, everyone from the same history may find something important, just for her parent. And in the meantime, it's very entertaining!Telling a story, reading a fairy tale, and one of the most important benefits of building a personal relationship, the power of the unity, the convergence, the interconnected state. No day without a fairy tale!

Enter the realm of fairy tales

For 2-3 year olds

You can't start early! Even in infancy, we can talk to the little ones, give them books, and teach them how to take care of them. It's not true that they just eat everything! The favorite story of two-year-olds is the crown of daily chillers. Mom or Dad are in it, the protagonist is no other than our baby, and we're gonna slowly, comfortably tell, talk about what happened that day. How he sanded, how he stirred the mud, how he made the field when he fell during the run. Writing and understanding one's own stories best prepares the ground for the stories of others, such as fairy tales. March is extremely important, after all all subsequent stories, linguistic imagination, expressive need, and precision will also be grounded in this age. Hint: From our family photos we can make a simple little picture book for everyday stories. Surely this will be the dearest of all. For the sake of variety, some babies may also be brought. The little ones love to bring the characters of their favorite stories to life, give birth to a working voice, and they themselves can influence the course of the story.Our story: Huhfehérke and the hôt hôt
We finally broke away from the original story, because it didn't really interest our little boy, just the gloves. Hуfehйrke left for seven weeks with home made fingertips. With this setting, it was great to play all the cases where the little one gets in the way of the big one. Our little boy wanted to be Hufehérke, sometimes dwarf, depending on what was pressing the heart.

Let's talk roula!

For 4-5 year olds

In the beginning, it would not even be a good idea to entertain young children with imaginative characters or stories, as you must learn to use the language well before you can. The first step is to become familiar with the world around you, learn how to name and talk about things. Then, on a nice day, they also think they are ready to use the imagination. It slowly discovers the power of the creator: You can change the outcome of the fairy tale as you wish, new things, funny endings. Depending on their individual abilities, this ability develops in every child at another time. The curiosity of the educators, the unique fantasy of their own, is legendary. Who wouldn't smile when the little one says, "I'm telling a joke !!! Well, when we first notice these signs, it's time for some good and other nonsense." From this period on, the child understands, or at least accepts, the stories in which events, imaginative characters begin to embody their fantasies, in a way that is not customary. At the same time, however, there is a growing interest in the working of the world, the direction of things. It is not by chance that the most frequently asked question of the era is the WHY. These are always with the little one, let us explain the connections.Hint: During our walks and excursions, we collect all kinds of interesting things: cones, chestnuts, beetles, leaves, cones. Let's sit down with the child at home and look for one of our rulebooks, nature guides, and that's exactly what we found. The little ones are very good observers, they also choose the most similar among many similar images. They are unknowingly introduced to the use of manuals.Our story: Ottfried Preussler: The Little Witch. Cicerу Book Publishing, Budapest.
The 127-year-old little Bosnian is still a kid, and he doesn't want to miss an adult boy's night party. Unfortunately, they let me down and get the job of punishing YOUR boss in a year. What exactly this means is that, as it turns out, everyone thinks!

Several stories running on multiple lines

For 6-7 year olds

Even in the age of five or six, it is still common for a child to listen to the same story several times in succession, even though the text needs to be read more and more, the need to continue continues to grow. You can even sit quietly for a while and watch you don't lose yarn for a day or two, remember the detailsand even if the bookmark has been dropped, it will recall the most recent paragraph more accurately than the parent. With our careful explanations, we will prepare you for a later reading, an excellent text translation. Let me ask you a little, tell me what the chapter is about, what is the nature of the story you read. It's not that easy, we can help you get ahead with our questions. Our favorite stories: Michael Ende: Gombos Jim and Lukacs, the mascot (Cicero Edition), and Selma Lagerlöf: Nils Holgerson travel with the wildlife.

I read too!

8-9 years old

But there is also a story to be told, read aloud! You may never grow up to this need. Yeah, if your whole family listens in a heap as dad or mom tells you. Take us to a bookstore, library, and encourage you to look and shop.Hint: Let's make them come up with stories! Listen, ask for a drawing of the characters, and encourage them to write down what they have created. We can learn a lot about the secrets kept in our children's souls, treasures from these stories. And we may discover traces of our own tales, twists, and characters from a few years ago!Our story: Elek Benedek: The cuddly tree.
Almost everyone in the Hungarian folk story reveals that it is as it seems. Bubbles, marigolds, royal lady - not to be missed!

A father instead of a fairy tale?

In the movie, in the cinema, a fairy tale can never be a substitute for a personally read story illustrated with images just in our imagination. Of course, this does not mean that children are not allowed to watch a movie, on the contrary, these things are already in our culture, an undeniable part of our daily lives. It's best if you let's see and discuss what we've seen afterwards. It also turns out to be something you didn't write or found very scary.More articles on fairy tales:
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