Best Developer 4. - Trust!

Best Developer 4. - Trust!

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Baby fashion in URBAN fashion! Perhaps few people know: one of the foundations of development is trust in the child. That he knows, he can solve it without help.

Best Developer 4. - Trust!

We can really trust the baby. First, quietly, then demanding more and more: it's time to eat! When and how much you eat, we can reassure you. Our book may not be able to justify why it doesn't start immediately when we enter the children's room door with our check-in bag, but we can protest by saying: Our five-year-old baby may not have the proper human knowledge, but he has exactly the reason why he is making friends with the loudest baby in the ovi. we need our trust, year after year, in increasing numbers. Usually, we listen to our baby's signs and tongues impatiently. But, as adults, we often know better things at least, that is the way we want it. Do we dare to put a bicycle in his five-year-old hand just because he wants to stick a stick so much? It is hard for us to believe that our children are capable of something. It is our job as parents to protect them from trouble, yet we can do almost everything better and faster. However, with our children, our confidence in us should increase day by day.Maria Montessori Italian doctor has pointed out hundreds of years ago that his engine for development it lies in the child, there is no need for adult inclusion. That's the power of the propulsion цrцm it serves what a challenge, a discovery, offers, whether it is success or failure. The child also wants to be involved in the processes of our world, and therefore learns without explicitly teaching. Holds the progression of development in hand. Of course, this does not work completely automatically: parents and educators need to be involved in this work. But it would be a shame if we were to take our tools out of our hands too often to personally sculpt ourselves or tell us how and what to create. Doing so will discourage you from doing business.

Allow room and time for improvement!

At the very least, by the end of their second lifetime, children need corners, corners of the room where the adults' attention is unobtrusive they can play with each other. The adult has a "quiet" role, no need to interfere with the children's activities, but be prepared if you need attention. Of course, it's not like we're rushing through the first loud show when they don't agree. It is enough for us to wait and see if you can settle the dispute yourself. Do not miss this opportunity! And don't lose sight of the success of building up your tower alone, fitting your pieces and twisting your victories just because you don't want to see them feel like they do. action has a result. I did it! It is a state of life that takes him with pride, strength, and encourages him to take on new challenges. Sensing success and satisfaction is the engine of development.Let's encourage our children! There are parents who need to strengthen them. If in our relationship they are not always the little ones, and we are all-knowing, everything has been told in advance, but we speak to us "at eye level", they feel that we are seriously losing them. We do not really help by placing the last cube on his tower after he has fallen ten times, but by expressing our confidence that he will succeed. Let's shake the insecure baby for the first night of sex with the ovis girlfriend. A very successful lawyer told me about my childhood: - My mother and grandmother didn't love me, I went to twelve institutions. How could I have become a sold-out and successful adult in March? There is only one person who can do this: I had a teacher halfway through my sophomore years who accepted me and felt that I was a cool person. That is the strength of trust. You will never come.

Praise us correctly!

Only praise radiates from our child's face. Psychologists are still questioning their stimulating effect. Praise has a very different effect, depending on how and to whom we say it. In some cases, you may be motivated to excel, but you may even be completely out of interest in your child. To put it simply, it is only in the case of small children that the principle of little praise, little scolding, works. The older the child, the better pay attention to our words.- We praise only if there is anything!
If your two-year-old kid has put the puzzle together, he will be happy to acknowledge it. After the fifth successful unloading, you will not see much success, and you will be strangely surprised to receive praise once again. Why does Dad praise him so much that he thinks I couldn't put him out? ”“ It's more of a praise than a person!
Who often hears how super he or she will be natural and is unable to withstand failure. If you praise your hard work, diligence, and effort, you will continue to struggle in the event of a failure, as we have done so far. - Instead of general praise!
Let us look for a particularly striking detail and mention it. It is worth more than saying: it is a very beautiful image. - Only praise it if we take it seriously!
Acknowledgments only make sense when the child Keep our attention. "Our shaggy big dog, Sam, who lives in the garden, can't really put the foot in the house, let's just enter the room at New Year's Eve. Because Anna (15 months old) and she snarls at her, especially since we've gotten used to putting her in the neck when she leaves the house. we do not show this world, and he clearly considers me the leader of the village. I've always explained bags to Ann, Well, the other day, I would have started feeding, I would have opened the door when the phone rang, and I would run to the other room. It wasn't even possible for me to come back and be scared. that the chamber door is open and Anna walks in on the patio door, before Sam rises. I rushed over to rescue Ann and gnawed the dog food out of my mouth. Two surprised eyes looked back at me. Anna clutched a couple of biscuits in her small hands and stacked them one by one against Sam, who took the gift with the utmost care. It would have been hard to imagine a greater fear - especially after I didn't trust so much ... "
Zsolt, the father of six-year-old Bence and 15-year-old Anna

What can we trust in them?

The little ones always want to play "adult". Let's take advantage of their zeal and entertain them aprу tasks. It will be more and more successful if we do not scold them for a minor accident. Let's give you a chance in the kitchen, in the nursery, at the fair. These activities develop not only their confidence, but also their fine movement, co-ordination skills, problem-solving abilities, and sense of responsibility.Hombrom card- put the dishes in the sink;
- put in a clean cutlery;
- throw the cubes into the box, the litter into the litter box, the yeast into the litter box.For a living card- when they reach the table, they can plan it;
- they can go to the neighbor with a little confidence;
- they can deal with the little brother for a few minutes (for example, singing or waving at him);
- they can feed the household.Цtéves card- put the drink in a glass;
- they can erode and dust;
- they can pick up fruit, fruit, cut them;
- pick up the phone and learn how to introduce themselves.Related articles:
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