Best Developer 3 - Just Loose!

Baby fashion in URBAN fashion! However, it is possible that mental security and mental development are based on emotional security. A baby's development is complete when his parents are calm and balanced.

Best Developer 3 - Just Loose!

How could someone be calm when they have a baby? It is hard to imagine a state full of such tension! Even the easiest shit on the cot, when we see our healthy baby, is now a matter of concern every minute. From the first spoonful to the allergy you might have to the food you just promised, we may think about not irrevocably indulging in the evening ceremony ... we want to do everything right. Our mother, our neighbor, knows better than anyone how to raise a child, we wouldn't be giving out their advice on the outside. in the stroller, and begins to struggle with the doctor babe. The problem only exacerbates when we compare our lives with the data in some tables, which shows that it is too lean or too stone, that it has become roomy, and that green pepper has been introduced.

Come on, remote!

We have a reason for everything, just not at all. Here it is dissolved state of mind we would need it, and our children more. Stop occasionally, let's try to observe our situation with the eyes of a third person. Then you will notice that ... - we are very disciplined. Is the kid sleeping? Don't let it fall! How much experience you get when you leave it! It is closest to the thick branches. Don't worry from minor accidents, these are to protect you from bigger accidents. His own experiences are more valuable than our warnings. Okay, if we are dealing with our baby, but it is not the right way to carry our kindergarten from playful English to a child's school. Let us not persuade ourselves that guided occupations are more important than free games.- with our exaggerated expectations we are overloading ourselves. If we think we should always have our child at our disposal, we should always find the right tone, we should always be patient ... well, then we have to deal with a constant sense of whitewashing, and it would turn into a delusional mood. so for inner peace, which allows us to smile on a number of weekdays, of course, while taking really important things seriously. It is not easy to achieve this, but we can approach it in small steps. Let us be aware that - no one is a better child than we are. It is a colonial program our mother's encouragement, as our baby watched, and began warring with his arms in despair. Do not let the voice of impatient counselors suppress this inner voice. Feel free to listen to our own senses, whatever our mother or friend says - we can't handle all the trouble. Even though we do our best to help our dear baby, we have to bear the stomach, the tummy, the toothache. We can't make everything, it is not our fault if you list.- everything thinks once. We can believe this for more experienced parents. Of course, we can hardly imagine trying to get back to the sleepless nights, the racket. Even so, this can happen when we are waiting for our teenage kid to come home from a rock concert or the outdoor night ... - smaller mistakes can be made by everyone. Is our hand going? Did we find out we were talking? He will forgive his child and will come to his persecution if his son can be certain in our love. Not only do we see our child "malevolent", they also notice our mistakes - and at the same time, we love each other. Needless to strive to create a perfect world for them, this would be a futile endeavor. Let's enjoy them more under the circumstances, so we'll all be happier.

You can make a mistake!

Rudolf Drakeurs (1897-1972) an Austrian-American psychologist wrote: "We only learn from our mistakes if we are not afraid to commit them." We don't have to set up our ten-month-old baby when we find that he is falling down all the time in his trials, and we don't have to correct our three-year-old if he says it wrong. It is difficult to restrain ourselves because we want our seedling to always do everything perfectly. But beware! The results achieved with ease and persuasion are only temporary. Ever thought that a child would develop best if he or she was praised for his or her good behavior and punished for the wrong. We now know that such an external value stimulates the learning process much less than internal motivation. The brain's reward system selects pleasant sensory substances every time she has overcome some embarrassment the child.For example, after many attempts to put a piece of paper in place, or to utter a linguistic syllabus, so when the productive restlessness is relieved. This good sense also encourages further experimentation. However, joy is lost if we become involved in this internal process.

I learned the slack from my childhood

"Not at all could be called solved, but I fell into a panic just before I was in trouble. What if ...? It's best to be prepared ahead of time. Lying on the carpet, tossing himself up again and again, finally failing, then he stopped. For a while. He started again. elхнrt nagykцnyvben mуdon or szabбlytalanul csinбlta-e.Egyszerыen only csinбlta, jу joyfully. Rбjцttem to sajбt elvбrбsaim nehezнtik the йletemet. the kislбnyom matching цrцmйt the tevйkenysйgben because they do not mйrte magбt any kьlsх mйrcйhez. Azуta me sikerьl idхnkйnt leave the tцkйletessйg csapdбjбt Is the cocoa out of the way? Let's see if we get closest. We won't be lost yet. "
Йva, the mother of Kata, the widow

The Art of Dissolved Education

Let's do a bunch of a laziness and irresponsibility kцzцtt! If we do not turn on the car safety year because our seedling protests against it, we are not lazy, but careless, and if the player does not intentionally lose it when we seed a field, it is more like a seed. the thing is not to arrogate ourselves or to interfere with anything! On the contrary, we need to be very active in monitoring events. It is not enough to say that the direction of the bathroom, brushing teeth. We'd rather have our seedlings right after the third warning and go and brush our teeth with it. Nami is playing with the game: who will have more foam in your mouth, you or me? Excessively relieving tooth brushing will only make the situation worse for the rest of the day. "Loosely but firmly" means that we know what is really important to us, and that we are aware of ourselves. We take the inherited values ​​(inherited from our parents) and insist only on those we consider important in our own lives - but they must be. These values ​​can vary from family to family. Some people value the always good kitchen, the Sunday lunch, the graduate kid, and many people absolutely love it.Related articles:
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