New Maternity is here!

New Maternity is here!

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And it's never been! You can get a public issue of the New York Magazine, which has been filled with better stories, tips and recipes from the first letter to the last.

That is, this number is not a little different from the rest of us. This time, it's not the experts and the novice who are good at the topic, but the reader, so that they can share their experiences with others, or even those who are wearing similar shoes.
One of the main attractions of a pregnant mother has always been the birthdays. From these you can get a really authentic picture of you, which you probably expect in those lifelike important careers. Now, for example Petra has posted the exciting story of two cesarean section postnatal births to reassure those who do something similar in their heads. Judit tells about the fourth cupping, Gabriella asked for some delay to be examined before birth, Kitti and is a beautiful, natural, non-interventional hospital birth. Our other favorite topic is breastfeeding: a lot of hardship, experience on the pages, but luckily you can find out how well you managed to overcome the hardships, what was the solution.
It also turns out that everyone is learning for themselves, but is also willing to share their most meaningful, sometimes surprisingly sound experiences with others. What an exciting topic, for example, what NOT to do if you want good fun for yourself and your baby! Kati recommends that you never start with the boys! What does this mean? Check out the new Little Mama, which has by all accounts been more diverse and varied, so much so that the editors themselves are immersed in a lot of letters and photos. Admire Huba's snow-capped birthday cake, which is great, and you have a good chance of succeeding! Or, here's an example of the namesake names! Nine tell us the story of the names Emma, ​​Elias, Kincsh, Lili, Durri, Miln, Barnabas and Panna. Sometimes it's really funny how serious fondues are needed to find the right one! But the baby appetite method, for example, can do a lot on a one-on-one parent.
With this incredible banter, you wish all the Happy Mother of the Year a happy holiday!
Keep with us for the future!