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Study with your baby!

Study with your baby!

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It is worth taking advantage of the time spent at home and enriching yourself with new knowledge. A useful program for this is the Sanoma Media Academy, where the editorial course starts in April.

The area of ​​media is exciting, always promising new challenges. You can never stay back for a moment because the information is flowing through all the channels. The job of the editors is to keep order in the newsletter and to find the topics that you use to fill the pages of a glamorous women's magazine or just a web page.

Course Leadership Work

The editorial course starting in April provides insight into all Sanoma editorial staff. You can find out what Marie Claire's beauty pages are all about, participate in the women's page design, and look into the Cosmopolitan world. If you are interested in health, you are in the Health of Women page and in the editorial board of But we could go on: National Geographic, Elle, Surprise, Maxima… During the course you will get to know the main editors of magazines, see how magazines are made and how to edit an online page.
After giving presentations to the best in the industry, you can practice yourself, as you can put your selections into the daily work of your choice. Articles, press releases, proofreading, image selection.
And those who are moved by the baby mama theme are definitely here. The editorial course is hosted by Erika Vblyi-Nagy (a mother of three), whose stories you can read in and on Pregnant Magazine.
You can apply on the Sanoma Media website or at [email protected] email address!