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Which language of love is your ruler?

Which language of love is your ruler?

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Gary Chapman's name may sound familiar, for his name is associated with the theory of so-called love languages.

He says that with words of appreciation, quality time and gifts together, we can express our love in the same way as expressing our love or physical touch. It is worth noting which child you turn on. Because you are wasting your time with gifts, for example, if they are looking to sit down with him.

What is х's love language?

  • Do you draw often, give you your favorite blanket from time to time? She is the language of love ajбndйkozбs. Try to surprise them with small gifts as well, because you are giving him great pleasure.
  • Do you praise your mother for being beautiful and cooking deliciously? Х that specialist in recognition words. Combine all your efforts, reward them with appreciation, no fervor!
  • Do you enjoy social programs, the night-time storytelling of the past? This type speaks for itself language of love: as much as you can, spend your time on these!
  • Are you waking up to kiss me? If you have a headache, will you curl up beside you? Enjoy every review, stroke it when you're near, because they are lover of physical touches.
  • Asking your child to sew your baby's torn clothes or repair his bike not only seeks your help, but also seeks love. You do not have to jump at all your words, but you have to recognize those requests that have fallen in love.


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