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Types of fetal tail

Types of fetal tail

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Generally, Figs. the fetus turns head-to-head, but if it is later on in the back, there is no cause for concern: it may turn around at any time until the onset of the butterfly. There is also an external reversal of the fetus.

Head and tail fetusAll of this is important because in many hospitals in Hungary there is no possibility of vaginal birth if the fetus is not cephalic. Some of the hospitals allow for spontaneous onset, so you may start on your own, but the baby has to be born with a cesarean. The other half of the hospitals still do not allow the mother to use such a bug or program. Even though there is a far cry for birth without complications, it takes a lot of patience. It also doesn't matter if the fetus has a large buttocks and a small or average head volume. That's why we also use ultrasound to estimate fetal weight and head volume. There are two types of tailbone: full (or total) tail or partial tail.For full dorsal view, the baby's foot appears first at birth. In the case of a partial case, the bottom of the baby appears first.In the case of a fetal position of the fetus, it is possible to try reversing the uterus. This is what parents call methods, this is called outward reversal. There are also practices that your mother can practice alone, such as the Enkin gymnastics. This is an easy-going, loose-fisted posture that is worth 15 minutes a day.Related articles in Torso Lying:
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