What does the baby drink?

What does the baby drink?

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With water, fruit juice and tea we can smell the smaller and bigger kids. It tells you which one is best for you.

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Water - New Age?

Infants who are breastfed for up to six months do not need any additional fluids or water. Before the age of five, infants who are still receiving formula or formula and breast milk should not be given any other liquid unless they have been consulted by a pediatrician, use nitrate- and nitrite-free water. The quality of our conductive water varies between certain ranges, and the upper limit for certain substances may sometimes exceed that recommended for infants. Water flowing from our tap can also be contaminated by heavy metals leaching from the old conductors. Only use bottled water, baby water or potable water in well watered or boiled well settlements.

Water is the most thirsty

THE soda-free mineral waters among those having a total solids content of up to 500-700 milligrams per liter, including up to 20 milliliters of sodium, up to 50 milligrams of nitrate and generally no trace amounts of nitrite. Only boiling can be given without boiling.A babavнz a convenient solution when we are unable to boil, cool, for example, in abundance, on the go, on vacation. At the same time, we can be sure of the ideal composition. It is a special type of drinking water that removes heavy metals, chemicals, minerals, nitrate, nitrite, and bacteria, and then infants need a sufficient amount of calcium (magnesium).

Fruit juice from the age of six months

THE bйbiitalok The label on the label stating that they can be given at the age of one month refers to babies receiving up to infant formulas, but there is also agreement among professionals. Prior to six months of age, exclusive breastfeeding and nutrition are recommended irrespective of the method of nutrition. In the past, giving an infant fruit juice is unnecessary and, in fact, overeating can result in the baby getting low-milk diets. water is ideal for quenching thirst, you can also add some ice-cold fruit juice. We recommend it for teas and snacks rather with raw fruit or fresh fruit - of course, after a gradual introduction. First, we recommend a few spoonfuls of filtered juice, fiber only when the baby's digestive system is used to. its acid content drops the sensitive baby's buttocks. Gradually, we should always introduce the baby with just one piece of fruit. We only buy cocktails containing more fruits only if you have already consumed its ingredients. During the age of one year, we only give a bite to drink, because they were bottled anesthetically, retained with heat treatment. Most of them contain non-100% fruit and sugar.From the beginning we drink this drink from a glass! If the baby's mouth is full all day, the acidity and sugar content of the fruit juices will damage the tooth, increase calorie intake, lose your hunger, and increase your thirst.

No sugar in the tea

On demand breastfeeding is also used to quench the thirst of the baby, and to relieve abdominal bloating and bloating by other methods - there is generally no need for tea before six months of age. Infant infants should only be given the advice of a physician before the age of six months. For those six months older, we can create healthy and healthy drinks, provided they are not at all or just a measure of it.Avoid the trap of drinking early: do not give your baby the baby bottle and do not have it all day long to suck on any baby. Like fruit juice, tea is made for glass for the big cat and small child. Filter tea from traditional tea, boil water, soak it and let it cool. One filter contains two parts (two decilitres) of tea needed to make tea - simple, wholesome, just a little time consuming. Just add water to instant tea. Infants are made from boiled and cooled tap water or baby water. The starch contains mainly sugars, the plant part is insignificant and therefore less wholesome.Attention!
Don't miss the fruit flavored black tea with real desserts and dried fruits. Because of the caffeine content of black tea, do not cook the little ones at all!Also read these:
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