Awesome Video: Grabs the Little Baby by the Wind

Awesome Video: Grabs the Little Baby by the Wind

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On a Russian site, a video on the wind picking up a 4-year-old baby girl from Ohio is spreading on the community pages. The baby just came home to open the door, but the wind is strong enough to swallow it with the door.

Little Madison was picked up by the wind

Miutбn Brittany Gardner parked in front of their Ohio house, a 4-year-old baby girl, Madison it starts over your door. Marr opens it, though the stormy wind proves to be stronger… - the shocking moments were captured by a security camera. You can also watch the video on The Telepgraph. A bit morbid, but it's funny that in the back of the Frank Sinatra's Come Fly With Me (Come talk to me) címы's song is born. No one can say that the baby's mother has no sense of humor. He also shared the video on the Internet. You can see how strong the wind is when Madison steps up the steps leading to the front door, but no one would think it would be a problem to grab the door handle. The good luck is that the baby is clinging cleverly as the wind flips it along with the door.You can watch the video here:More funny videos:
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