Yoga Can Help You Get Pregnant - History of 3 Women3 Healing and Transforming Your Baby

Yoga Can Help You Get Pregnant - History of 3 Women3 Healing and Transforming Your Baby

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Finally, I paid attention to the signs of my body, what was good to me. I shifted my attention from work to family-based foundation. Not only did I finally talk about wanting a kid, but I started to live like that.

Slide (38 years): Overcoming stressful life

Sokféle is here. Just as much as we are. Everybody has something else to learn and how to survive motherhood and the time before the baby arrives. We need to wait for more and ask, maybe there is something else I didn't do to be a baby? Maybe I still have something to learn? Before my baby arrived in my body, I made these requests to myself.
And in the midst of it, I was constantly searching for answers in and out of myself. I chatted with others and watched my friends, who almost always waited longer or shorter to be mothers. And somehow, it has always turned out that letting go is related to successful conception.

But what do I need to let go?

I avoided what I learned from law at this time, when it came to me that I wanted a child, and had a big tumble in my last retreat.
In this group, I learned what yoga really is, how you can play a part in my life. I have learned that bana is not only a physical exercise, but is always present in my life when I am looking for my sense of humor in my daily activities. I have learned that pranayama is not only a breathing exercise, but also a lifetime leader, persevering with my pure intention, even in difficult times. I have experienced the extraordinary power of a group of support, and I can be completely honest, free of blockages.

So I let go…

… Suspecting that the group will keep. Like water when you lie on your back. So it happened when liberated, seven of us girls, bathed naked in the backyard of the farm. And when I dared to let go of my importance and work for 3 months, and just pay no rest and pay, resting and relaxing, 10 years of managerial stress, relaxing for the rest…
Because at last I was paying attention to the signs of my body, what was good to me. And because I shifted my attention from work to family-based foundation. Not only did I finally talk about wanting a kid, but I started to live like that.
My Bence son was 4 years old on the summer and had to wait two years for Hanna (1,5) to come with just one thought…

Rita: She was successful at work, only the child missed me

Rita (47) His life was filled with work, and a lot of work-after-work programs he organized for himself. Her husband often went abroad and encouraged his life as richly as he could. He was successful in his job, leading a multinational. There's only one thing missing from life, a kid.
"It took 7 years for my baby boy to come to us, and we went a long way. I tried everything, including the implant, but I felt this was not my way and I felt that I had no organic problem. And I went for a planting, but I knew it wasn't going to help, but I had to put my head in order.
I had insulin resistance, to do this I had to move along with my diet, and I chose yoga, even though I was running alongside it. In hindsight, I feel that breathing exercises, release, concentration, and release sensation helped, and with the help of yoga, I was slow to lose a little, and nothing more.
He came together a bit when I made the decision. That month, my results, my insulin levels, and my menstrual periods were good, but not at that time. My body was fine with my soul.
I think yoga is more than just exercise, but much more than that. Not only does it come from the body, but the awareness that develops in your body also restores the mind. While I was working on my body, I was practicing on a much deeper level. "
Rita's little boy is a kindergarten, an intelligent boy, and even a real man.

Reni: Cervical Cancer and Maternal Fear in Fear

Reni (41) after the birth of her first child, she was confronted with problems and fears that she used to solve with yoga, yoga deep relaxation techniques, and guided meditation. Maternity survival and the fulfillment of a new role caused the hardships and illnesses that were needed first, only to be able to think about having a baby again.
"Our first baby was conceived with my baby and got together for the first time because I could be in the present and we were in tune with each other. load on us, the baby immediately gathered.
However, having to wait for the second child was a longer process for me spiritually. My baby was prematurely born, and after a baby test I found that my result was P4, which precedes the condition of the cervix.
They changed me, and after that my cycle went unordered. I read a lot about the subject, and during meditation, motherly fear emerged as the cause of illness. The Yoga Negro Imaginative Technique helped me to accept myself, to articulate that I want to be a mother again, and to be able to keep an eye on one another.
Practice has crystallized in me what I really want and helped me release my fears. I could already believe that I could do it. My attitude was positive, my attitude changed.
Yoga became a part of my daily life and helped me a lot, but I had to change my head, and as soon as that happened, my body knew it. "
Reni's baby girl is coming to her baby's newly-wedded baby brother, and she's ready to put her baby in order. yoga: Yoga is a group of startups that will be launched in November.
Details: www.csillagkucko.hu and Facebook: Csillagkuckу Alternatнv Center for Productivity Yoga