Tricks are to make it easier to lubricate an excited-moving kid with sunscreen

Tricks are to make it easier to lubricate an excited-moving kid with sunscreen

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Summer is finally here, you can spend a lot of time outdoors, going out and swimming. However, before immersing ourselves in forgotten outdoor and waterfront games, we must think about the health and safety of our children.

Our tricks will help you lighten up the bit

Children's skin should be protected by proper sunblock and sun exposure. You know this very well, of course, but they are not interested in it, because we can't wait to run, splash around and enjoy the good time. How do you anoint them when they are constantly up and moving? Get off the super tricks of blogs.babycenter.com It doesn't always work that you keep your little one between your feet and the one you are trying to immobilize, because you have to put some sunscreen in one of your hands dose. Then you try to try and get more surface and lubricate your baby's body, who starts exercising, which, of course, ends up getting sunblock on her swimsuit, hair, and eyes. Then how csinбld?1. Involve хt. Make sure you apply the cream on your legs, hands, stomach. Kids love to get exercise, take advantage of it even when you're out of sour milk. Ask them to lubricate themselves and those parts of your body that you didn't get, take care of it.2. Give him a brush or a sponge for the operation. Kids love to "snag" themselves, apply a little cream on a brush or sponge and tell them to lubricate themselves with the cream.3. rewards. If you listen to us, you will "waste" it with some cool time (quality), a super game (double paddling, sandboxing) if you allow yourself to grease.4. Be szabбly. Introduce the rule that no one can leave the house and get into the car until you have sunburned. The earlier you introduce it, the less resistance you will have when your children are older.5. Wear clothing. You can also buy bathing clothes and hats that will protect your children from the sun's rays. If you wear this kind of clothing, you don't need sunscreen, just the body parts that are left, your forearms, your feet, your face. If you now show them a good example - and this one too - then you can be sure that later in life, adolescents and adults will pay attention to the skin when it comes to sunlight.
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