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Protective sheath, hematopoietic, but mainly internal solid water. Our locomotor system is a passively movable component that carries our muscles. Yes, it comes from bone marrow and bones. How to be both rigid and flexible at the same time?

Necessary parts for moving

In order for a small fetus to change its position humanly - but at least in its position in the womb - and in general to move, it must have all the components of the human musculoskeletal system: bones, cartilage, ligaments, and muscles. Passively moving parts of our locomotor system are the bones of the skeleton and their joints. We are born with 275 bones, with 206 dying. You'll also find out where these bones sometimes hide.

All these bones are all needed to move

In any case, the pieces of this bone set, which make up 12-20 percent of our body mass, must be connected somehow. In a way that is both solid, stable and agile.

Bone or cartilage

Bones can also be relatively rigid. In this case, there is no material deficiency between the connected bones. THE continuous bone joints (synarthrosis)) can be made of some kind of taping tape. (This is when we talk about syndesmosis.) This is the relationship between the two lower bones of the foot. This tape is not always tape-like. Gummy skull bones also belong to this group, even if you cannot see the very thin cut between the skull bones with the naked eye.Cartilage (synchondrosis) in the case of the interconnecting element consisting of cartilage, as in the case of intervertebral discs. The bones are thin hyaline or fibrous cartilage that gives you a flexible, strong joint. Anything weird, the bones can also bind bone tissue (synostosis). The point of reference is that after this bony connection is formed, it is considered as bony bone. However, after being separated for a while at a young age, they were bundled together by braiding or cartilage, and often their names do not melt, but retain their identities. It is a symbolic representation of the bony joints, originally the sacroiliac joint and the pelvis, which was created by cartilage of the bones. We also found out where the bones could go, a part of it with its neighbors in close life, so the number of pieces was reduced.

The case of our mind

Continuous joining of the bones is not primarily a matter of movement, but the protection of an important organ or organs is of interest. Skull bones form a protective helmet for the brain. Our pelvic organs are not less important. Just think about what the pool should protect. Ivarszerveinket! Without us survival would be in danger. Bony fusion is a feature of relatively rigid "components" of bone marrow.

The real thing is here!

When it comes to business, it is definitely one for everyone bendable business comes to mind, say, something like the elbows, wrists or knees. These are called good, articulated bone connections currency for business There is also a very narrow gap between the two pieces of bone joined together. This is what the doctors say diarthrosisnak or articulationak They called. In order to keep the perineum between the two bones, the bones are encased in sheaths and ribbons. We apply 1-2 mm thick, usually smooth, yellow. hyaline cartilage (fibula) Genital cartilage and its water content and elasticity can protect it against any possible bone formation.
The business section is surrounded by a two-way case. The business case is a continuation of the bone marrow, and is close to the business section. The inner layer, rich in nerves and hair follicles, produces the normal fluid or нznedvet (synovia). This ensures a smooth movement of the superficial business surface and feeds on the cartilage of the business cartilage.To keep their nutrients in synovial fluid. The results of an American experiment showed that 20 days of rest on the cartilage cost more than thirty years of intensive use. The outer layer of the pouch is made from collagen fibers. More sophisticated stores also have the following components in place: fibrous, cartilage business disc (discus) or gyыrыbetйt (meniscus) can press into the joint to slip the bone into the joint. For example, the first is the humerus, and the last is the case.More articles in this topic:
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