Low platelet count during pregnancy - Do you have to worry?

Low platelet count during pregnancy - Do you have to worry?

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During pregnancy, there may be more deviations from the lab results, which cause the baby to worry. These include if the amount of platelets and platelets is lower than normal.

"Platelets, or platelets, play a very important role in blood coagulation. Large cells formed in the bone marrow (megakaryocytes) release and release different enzymes from the plasma".dr. Zsuzsanna Szélessy, chief physician at the Thrombosis Center for Hematology. "They are capable of being linked together and adhered to the surface of the blood vessels, thereby forming plugs at the site of bleeding to initiate blood coagulation."Blood platelets are also checked during the blood test Starting from this, both high and low platelet counts, or inadequate functioning can cause serious illness: the former may increase the risk of blood clotting and life-threatening haemorrhages, while decreasing the amount increases the risk of bleeding events.

Low platelet count during pregnancy

There are several compulsory lab tests during blood tests, which include checking the amount of platelets. Normal value is 140-440 G / l. It may be during pregnancy this number is decreasingthat can scare little babies. In most cases, only a small decrease in platelet count and blood pressure. This is gestational thrombocytopenia, which requires a malignant condition and only requires regular monitoring during pregnancy. It is important to distinguish from other cardiac arrhythmias that may require immediate medical attention. In utуbbiak hбtterйben tцbb reason also hъzуdhat: terhessйgi hipertуnia the terhessйghez tбrsulу sъlyos бllapot, HELLP szindrуma or fennбllу the you have already korбbban ITP (Immune trombocitopйnia) aktivбlуdбsa possibly mбs autoimmune йs hematolуgiai betegsйgek.Fontos also know heparinkйszнtmйnyek applied trombуzis megelхzйsйre (LMWH) rarely, but also can cause platelet counts - this is called HITs (Heparin Induced Thrombocytopaenia), a condition that causes severe bleeding.
The big danger of a low platelet count is bleeding, like that Its value significantly influences the method of birth (vaginal birth or cesarean section), because it is possible that the number of the baby's blood platelet decreases with the mother.

What can be done?

The most important thing about pregnancy is regular pregnancy care, because there are regular blood tests, urine and blood pressure tests. "It is important for the mother to take care that changes in the appearance of the skin (Appearance of pinheads, downy red spots primarily on the ankle, possibly blemishes or red spots on the skin, and any bleeding perception) notice it and tell the doctor in due course "- says dr. Zsuzsanna Szélessy.The drug treatment depends on what caused the decrease in the platelet count and the extent to which it decreased. In some cases, the baby will also need to receive a steroid, an immunoglobulin and a platelet suspension.Port: Thrombosis CenterAlso worth reading:
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