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Have you been in it? Don't be afraid, but if you are in March, you won't know what and what the biggest children's hospital in Europe can do!

Impressive data, fascinating patient traffic

The Heim Paul Children's Hospital can be a very important place not only for the families of Budapest in case of the illness of children, but also in the middle region of Hungary, and in some situations it can be located anywhere in the country. The most important information about the healing work here, the versatile health service, is dr. Great doctor Anikou described it.
At the moment, Heim Pбl Children's Hospital is Europe's largest children's health institution. It has an international patient population: 22 beds, 550 beds, about 3,000 children per month, and 82 specialist outpatient clinics visit 40 to 49,000 small patients every month. So, there are about thirty thousand lying and nearly half a million pediatric patients every year. All of this incredible work is being done by six hospitals in six large buildings and 1,114 employees in several pavilions, including 264 physicians and 620 staff.
The "great size" but at the very least, the drummer dr. Director General Gyarmar Harmat spoke. No other institution, as he said, can do what the hospital needs to do: if extra beds are needed, even departments can be reorganized for that purpose. For example, when the H1N1 lawsuit required the provision of a 40-bed detachable class, they also organized and deactivated the Apollo class. Recently, due to excessive gas poisoning, the toxicology department had to be able to accommodate 22 children at a time.

Something always happens here

Anyone who is familiar with the Heim Cross Center building may, if you visit it again, even lose it, there are certainly many changes here. A number of new, special service, orders have been added to the hospital in recent years. Almost the entire spectrum of children's health care can be found here, except for heartbeat. His diagnostic instrumentation is constantly expanding, and he is now claiming the scarce MRI equipment that would be needed in the field of neurology, oncology, for example. Currently, Stephen's Hospital is "enrolled" when needed for this service, the Director General said.
There is a unique service to the country, which is unique to the country: for example, there is a single child toxicology department in the country where the acid, vapor, drug, color monoxide and so on. children with poisoning. Leather industry is one of Europe's leading centers of expertise.
The hospital's inpatient department, according to the General Directorate, is "like the West Bank": on this floor alone, about two thousand children are visited daily. OPNI's 35-person child psychiatry team was wound up at the time of the dissolution of the institution, leaving just three remaining, so it was no easy task to organize a new team for the task, but it has been successful.
The first floor of the four-story building is designed for acute cases, with the utmost professional security in mind. There is a rehabilitation department, similar to the Second College, in the attic rooms, where the mentally ill are able to reintroduce themselves into everyday life, school and community life.
The Kárrhaz Street in Madarszsz is not a "stepchild" either, and the revivals take place there. As far as possible, other locations are in the process of evolving: for example, in Rottenbiller Street, a special department for child abduction has been set up. This is the "Smile Center", called "Vigyorgу" by the name of Kuhrzhzi, who will arrange for everyone who comes here to smile ...


A special feature of the hospital is the SBO, the emergency department for the hospital, developed at the ground floor level of the hospital. Here, in addition to the professional aspects of patient reception, blood, and examiners, we have never forgotten to receive and treat patients in a cultured, friendly environment.
The cheerful pictures painted on the walls, the sunny and cool colors, can inspire confidence in small patients who come in and catch their attention during the time of bleeding. Not only ambulances, but also parents can arrive here with sick children. Newcomers are first welcomed by the triage, and the person who decides where to go is pre-selected. The SBO is equipped with the most up-to-date equipment for the emergency care of children, a well-equipped dashboard and a skilled staff.
Equipped with a non-shocking location, its equipment is suitable for handling acute situations, such as life-threatening situations, and for minor surgical interventions. There are two surgeries and two internal examinations, and of course there is a separate room. After a maximum of 24 hours of emergency care, the child is either admitted to the hospital or taken home, and his or her physician undergoes further treatment.
The bunks are designed for eight patients (with six large and two infants), each equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and examination tools. The medical counter was placed in the middle of the gym so that the patients could keep an eye on the little patients. Bathroom, even a small kitchen belongs to the lying area.

Jump to school, zoo in the (friendly) children's club

The pride of the house is the New Building, which in itself with its merry, kaleidoscopic colors and shape, and its interior design, meets all the latest professional standards. This jуrйszt the kуrhбznak adomбnyozott a szбzalйkokbуl alakнtottбk out йs here - according to fхigazgatу words - "йrvйnyesьlt pediatricians all gyerekessйge" from the ugrуiskolбtуl lйvх the jбtszуszobбban mesefigurбkig the fogadуrйszben lйvх mini бllatkertig the kйtбgyas, vizesblokkos betegszobбkig all children igйnyeit, it came from the ideas of the best-known physicians.
It is also a good idea that 80 patients have been developed to have a parent who can stay with their child for the night.


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