What is emancipated granny like?

What is emancipated granny like?

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Do we always consider the grandmother with white pancakes and pancakes to be the ideal grandmother?

? The grandmother mentions a lot in recent decades Roboz Gabriella pszicholуgus. ? Even the grandmother living only for the family is in the midst of it, but those over the age of fifty now have a much more diverse way of living: they have their own living spaces, emancipated granny He is still studying, working, honing his old dreams, but he can reconcile this with the role of the grandparent, and the life of the cousin and the grandmother also comes into play. when ism (discrimination against the elderly), however, has a strong effect and the labor market value of the elderly is diminishing. On the contrary, some people try to take advantage of the increased free time, less responsibility, and, in their role as parents, they want to live more carefree and free after the adult choice of their children. Especially at a relatively young age did grandparents become impoverished? subconsciously or implicitly? the grand tasks because they confront them with the old age they are afraid of. disintegration of traditional family models too. Many young couples live with children from different relationships, not from a common relationship, whose lives are different from those of parents and grandparents. Because there is a new phenomenon, there are no social patterns, and individual solutions (depending on the personality, the integrity and the individuality of the person) need to be worked out.It is typical that in such cases, who counted grandparents, what to expect from a step-grandchild to relate to the "licking" grandchild, and what would happen if the grandparent himself was expecting how and what kind of relationship he and his unrelated grandchild could have.

Accept the situation!

? Does an adult child need enough time to process their parenting expertise and their new relationship, but can they succeed with patience and patience? it is set by the psychologist. ? You have to appreciate the parents' decision and accept that they are only looking for the happiness they want to find with their new couple. It would be a great sacrifice for such a decision to exclude the abbot from our lives, or the grandfather from the grandson's life. Many people do not know how to let the new relationship into the life of the family, the grandchild. However, this is often much less of a problem than we think. Today, the love life of the elderly is not taboo, can the grandchild be initiated - naturally, according to age? changes. Children are easy to adapt if parents also accept the situation. If that New family member he is not intrusive to the child and does not want to play the role of a true grandparent, the child will naturally welcome the new person into the family.

The choice is growing

In the generation of grandparents, there is a growing choice - read in the 2012 Demographic Portrait. By 1990, the number of pronouncements pronounced after marriages of three or more had almost doubled. According to the old saying "The goodness of your superior obscures everything", suggesting the problem of carpet sweeping and unconditional forgiveness. Well, by the numbers, grandmothers aren't wearing that much shit today. Rather, they choose to start over again in the hope of a better life.

Your grandchild is young

? Today's family image is likened to lean beans, which inevitably open up, because of the longer life span, three generations of the says Andrea Gyarmati szociolуgus.

The active grandmother

? According to recent research, grandparents are finding it increasingly important to take care of their grandchildren, and they spend more time than ever before if they are prevented by geographic remoteness and retirement. The grandson of nagyszьlхk mentorkйnt, tanнtgatу barбtkйnt present йletйben, йs kьlцnцsen nх csalбdi krнzishelyzetben (szьlхk vбlбsa, betegsйg) at the aktнvan bekapcsolуdу szerepьk.A kisgyerekgondozбsba nagyszьlхk jellemzхje that younger, smaller unokбjuk is much higher in schools vйgzettsйgьk, йs hбzassбgban йlnek . It is true that grandparents' wishes negatively affect their relationship with their grandchildren: they are less likely to participate in caring afterwards, have fewer and poorer relationships with their family, and often lose their relationship with their family. granddaughter mentor also.This negative effect on the grandparents, especially the grandparents of the father, is strong, who often after their election they are pushed out of the grandchildren's life. Even though the Generation of Judaism did not care about children at all, today's grandfathers are emotionally attached to their grandchildren, and they are obsessed with what their own children missed.Related articles from Grandma:


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