5 good tips if you're a perfectionist

5 good tips if you're a perfectionist

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Why do mothers say they need to be maximalists?

Here are the tips from Dr. Joanne Stern, a psychotherapist, for those who do not give her full capacity below:

You have to let go a little bit in the suppression of maximalism

Maximalism, though in many ways an attractive property, can be very dangerous, because when we cannot fulfill our own expectations, we become conscious of ourselves. And, to a certain degree, guilt can generate a negative view of life, which can even lead to a deterioration of health.
Maximalism is particularly characteristic of mothers, and even if they are working on their family responsibilities, they are powerful in all areas of life. Dr. Joanne Stern's suggestions are for them:
1. Don't let other people's expectations determine what you should and shouldn't do.
2. First and foremost, keep your own priorities in mind throughout the day. Expertise always takes time for yourself.
3. Use a calendar to keep track of important family events, and before you start working, check to see if you have any family programs.
4. If you make a decision you regret - for example, an important family event you missed due to your work, then inform the family member concerned that you are sorry, apologize, but it goes further. You will certainly have the opportunity to pat down what was missed.
5. Make sure you have open ears! Countless working moms are still alive in the world, and it's not hard to find someone with whom you can share your concerns with one another.