Esther's Diary - Week 34Pregnant Men, Pregnant Women

Esther's Diary - Week 34Pregnant Men, Pregnant Women

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What's up with a guy in the head in nine months? Esther just asked!

Photograph: Bbcsi Rуbert Lbszlou

Now is the time, too. Not only that I speak, but also those whose support would be harder not just nine but one month. I asked three new dads in their thirties how they lost their couples. Their names are irrelevant, their answers more so.

What's the best part about having your baby pregnant?

- Everything! I've been looking forward to it so I can't say anything negative!
- I've obviously loved the time when my wife wasn't working. When I got home, the kitchen was steamy because it was just something delicious, and the whole thing had an intimate feel. The last time I felt this was when I read in my book that "Dad is home, his family is together, the fire is close by"…
"The excitement, the very, very kind of excitement, and the constant state of smiles when I imagine a little Petike will be running around here soon."

What's the most upsetting?

"Maybe only the first three months before you can tell anyone about your pregnancy."
- Changes in mood and total siege.
"It was a little annoying at first that nothing was good for you, but it didn't last long, and I was prepared for the worse." And a couple of days when you were sick or pregnant with sugar, and you're not used to eating. Then he was crooked and nervous.

The strangest?

- This fall, I realize that another person is growing in my love body. Until we did, I didn't feel it. Every cell, particle, and whole little human hair is transformed into fur-skin! What drives this and how? Yeah i know evolъciу…
- How a tüchtig woman will sweat in a couple of months is sweaty, voluptuous and staggeringly swollen amorphous (of course, not in a negative sense, but sometimes people stop, rhyme, and don't understand…)
- The baby was constantly moving, hugging and protruding parts of my body like my wife's.

What are you not counting on? Or what you expected and did not happen.

- I thought it would be more complicated. Fortunately, things went smoothly, so you could say it was ideal.
- No big surprises. Perhaps you need a poke for the puppets.
- I didn't expect to be in the midst of my birth, so I'm going to think about how good it was. I wouldn't have thought it would be so "smooth" to give birth and Bybike would regain her sexy little shape so quickly.

The third month was the most memorable and why?

"When we told the family, the first ultrasound, the first ultrasound, when something could be seen, the baby cinema ... and the end, when the baby responded to a few voices in the tummy ...
- About the second month, when I first saw the belly on the side that it was public, it wasn't a fat thing, it's a kid. Then it touched me very much.
- The first one or two months, by all means, because we made friends, the third, when we told the family, and, of course, the last, when I looked at my phone every minute when I wasn't home.

What changed you the most when you got pregnant?

- Most of all, the full respect I have for women. It's incredible what they do to the baby, even though they are still bad. How do their viscera disappear? Ultrasound, barely sleeping, giving birth, then breastfeeding (just eating the baby, nothing else). They really give life and keep it. Incredible!
- I try to be more patient and make sure that when I am with the child, I am just with him and not reading and losing at the same time then I never looked at it but always just beside it).
"I was driving more cautiously and thinking a lot about taking better care of ourselves now."

What are you doing in the last nine months? What advice would you give to a beginner baby priest?

- I wouldn't do anything else. The council is just a middleman, but it's important: love the woman, help in everything, ask for anything, be accomplished because she is worth it. Let's enjoy the situation, talk to the baby a lot, and tell her because she's smarter than she thinks!
- Don't spit on anything, I find that everything happens slowly and there is time for everything. You're a parent, for example. If you just set it up for a living room, it would be completely whimsical, though when someone is up and running, things are going to be a complete process. The same goes for dressing the room. For women, this is more important, and they do not realize that it is possible to buy baby furniture nowadays, no need to rush. On the other hand, since they are pushing a child out, we'll shut up and buy everything this Friday.
- I tried to be attentive and, of course, patient, but I still appreciated one or two quarrels that I would later repent and leave.