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Has the baby sucked enough?

Has the baby sucked enough?

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Are you breastfeeding enough, baby enough? Almost all mothers are concerned about these questions, and since we are grown-ups, we cannot expect any of our children.

Has the baby sucked enough?

Breastfeed or Feed?

Just the other day she called me a mom on the phone. The essence of the problem is an eight-day-old baby boy he doesn't want to eat, they tend to gobble up every snack, but they stuff it because the pediatrician says it doesn't grow enough. We'll start talking about your history.
Robi was originally a breastfeeding baby who wanted a baby in the first month! (Breastfeeding advice is always a relief in this case, as there can be no major problems here). However, the pediatrician was afraid, and he only suggested breastfeed your baby Mom, and if the baby is crying, get some tea. With this he flies two flies: the child learned not to eat then (Szopizzon) whenever you wantand the growth seen as overpaid has also been significantly reduced. Of course, the change wasn't easy, at first Robi would have been very insistent on breastfeeding, but his mom didn't dare to breastfeed more often, she didn't want an exiled man.
When nutrition started after six months, the problem was something else entirely. Robi did not bring enough, so the pediatrician suggested that she try to push the baby a little, give her more calorie-rich food. Wondering if Robi is going after them and eating? Isn't it possible that for the first seven to eight months of his life, he was so radically contradictory to his parents' expectation that there was simply too much for him?
(WUR)It is an interesting law. It is easy to accept as "normal" if someone is printing a foot, or even if one is fifty kilos - that is, half as much. We wouldn't be overlooked if an adult acquaintance eats only two or three times a day, but then he or she puts his or her hand down, and many of our people favor a few tables and prefer a few meals. On the contrary many babies are expected to eat and grow at the same rate as they are described in the book, regardless of their passing and their constitution. For a decade, it would have been difficult for us to find babies who were able to live the first few months of their lives at their own pace. Fortunately, today we have less of an easy task: a slender and globe, rarely suck and snuggle, mummy babies have shared their experiences with us.

Where are you, slim baby?

The color baby = healthy baby pattern is not valid in the whole world. Surprisingly, there are places where I find it quite natural that babies can be different. In India, for example, bear cubs and deer-shaped babies are distinguished and they do not want every little deer to become a teddy bear.
"We don't really meet slimmer, slower-growing babies," says dr. Csaba Kуs, chief physician of the Neuroscience Hospital. - These babies are given early formula and tried to get their development closer to the "average". Unfortunately, the average is based on developmental curves that do not take into account that the baby is breastfeeding, dieting, or not receiving breast milk at all. in turn a significant difference in the development of differently fed babies. Fortunately, new developmental curves based on new international data can help pediatric nurses to protect whether there is really a problem with growth, whether to change breastfeeding practices.
According to Doctor Kush, the most important thing for an infant to grow is, if you do 10 dec weeks a week, you will develop. If the baby is healthy, we can trust that he will "get himself" the right amount of breast milk, assuming you can suck as many and as many times as you want. It is only necessary to intervene if the baby or mother's illness or condition prevents breastfeeding. In these cases, prescribing the formula is not the first and only solution, but it must begin with the search for and the cure for troubles. Let's see that Evelyn survived all this!
I'm a little kid
a mom: TуTH EVELYN (36)
starring: Kovács-Deme Jasmine (two and a half years)
siblings: Kovacs-Deme Krisztián (8) and Kovacs-Deme Adrian (5)
Jasmine's birth weight is 2,720 grams, one month's 3,260 grams, more than 6,700 grams, 7900 grams per year
I was breastfeeding Christine for medical advice - she was divorced so many months ago. He received supplements very early on, saying that he was not growing at a good pace, and had finally grown up. Before the birth of our next baby, Adrian, I knew the principles of on-demand breastfeeding, but the child, unlike me, insisted on accuracy. She was breastfeeding for two years, my third pregnancy quit in the fourth month. Jasmine was completely different. She started breastfeeding at the age of five minutes, and from then on she was completely on her own, it was inconceivable when her gig came.
I always shook my head at weight loss, but I knew for a fact that weight wasn't important, and because we were "this fashion", my kids were slowly gaining weight, whether they were eating or not. , if you don't breastfeed like that. Jasmine is now two and a half years old, still breastfeeding.
All three welcomed the supplementary diet very warmly - he started at the age of two. Jasmine explicitly loves to eat, and never bring it. Wondering what to do? And why do we expect it to be bigger? Their father is neither big nor yin. The big ones are both small and small. All of them strong, healthy, Jazmin specifically fireproof. Like her mom.

It's okay to be spherical!

What happens when your baby calls more than usual in the first few days? Unfortunately, it is often the case that my mother is advised to follow a diet (exclusively effective by adult logic) of the baby.
- It is not possible to feed the baby with breast milk - says dr. Csaba Kуs. - Thirty percent of healthy babies doubled in weight by three months. In this case, you do not have to look for a mistake in your mother, milk or breastfeeding because everything is fine. In a couple of months, we have the proof in our hands, because if we wait patiently, we can just assume that the so far booming growth has subsided, or even stopped. Our baby will be nine to ten kilos by the age of one, as will his slower-paced companions.
Doctor Kush many would not accept this developmentand, initially, to diet the baby - limit breastfeeding or recommend the introduction of fibrous fruit. Then, when the little "good jerky", that is to say, not at such an unbelievable pace, they get scared and they add formula to breast milk, and most of all, they stop breastfeeding. Some people still believe in strong breast milkand is therefore recommending dietary supplements. Naturally, the milk of each mother may be different, but not to the extent that this would lead to obesity or leanness in the baby. Let's read what Duru experienced.
It started as a smart ball
my mom: Sajу Dуra (35)
starring Csaba Csolti Бkos (2)
to brother: Rolka Csolti (5)
The average birth weight is 3,720 grams, 5350 grams a month, 6,400 grams twice, 8,000 grams six months, 9,000 grams per year.
Even though our second child is three years older, her baby, Rick, has been breastfeeding until she is twenty-one months old, her weight development is very slow at first. But he produced incredible growth, bringing in more than a kilo in the first month, and a kilo in the second, and kept that pace until the middle of the year. Then it almost came to a halt - and so aligned the weight with its contemporaries. Luckily for us, the doctor told us not to recommend breastfeeding at all, given the staggering weight gain of breastfeeding, she said she would take off later, and she couldn't breastfeed!
In the first few weeks, Bkos breastfeeded ten or twelve times a day, three weeks since she took it nine times! Six weeks into the six-week meal. She sucked twice a year, twice a year. She had only been breastfeeding in the morning and evening for seven months.
At six months old, we started to give her some food, and we were moving slowly with the greens and fruits - much to the suggestions of the Pregnant Woman. He always ate well, but he didn't jump in the second half.
That's a real guy! Цrцkmozgу, bad bone! He has a determined will, often believing that if something goes wrong according to his vision, nothing will stop him for a minute ... But he is very friendly, smiling, cheerful, naughty puppy. The doctor lady was right: what had "begun" in the beginning had already been removed!

How much to breastfeed?

African kung mothers are breastfeeding their body-worn baby several times over. Don't overdo it, we don't want it to go back to Stone Age culture. But it is very important that all concerned know that the natural rhythm of human infants cannot be tied to the urine, nor can we be expected to "reapply" another dose of breast milk.
- Breastfeeding frequency is based on the baby! Dr. Kуs suggests. - Healthy infants will reliably indicate that they are hungry, just have to pay attention - that is, their mother should be close by. It is possible that a baby will regularly have three-to-one breastfeeding, but this is less common. The majority breastfeed more often, and they look like breasts at certain times of the day. This is generally difficult for parents and health workers to accept. When a mother comes to me saying that her baby is "breastfeeding all day," I usually ask her to look at breastfeeding dates one day. Most of the time, it turns out that there are less than twelve times on paper, so every single breastfeeding is completely normal.
Doctor Kush finds out that less frequent breastfeeding is usually not complained of because it is comforting for the family. It doesn't matter if the baby develops this rhythm on his own, and it develops so well. Let's take a look at the experiences of Kati and Eszter on how "two" worked in little Dvid's infancy!
The rarely breastfeeding is David
the mom: Bуdinй Felhхsi Katalin (36)
the main character: Dávid Bуdi (mrs. m)
to a brother: Eszter Bуdi (4)
Dawn's birth weight is 4250 grams, 5700 grams one month, 8200 grams six months, 9650 grams per year
THE my thinking about breastfeeding was to control the naturalness. First and foremost, my fantastic protagonist showed me the way, who handled the concerns of the beginner mother very well - even Esther - and hoped that what came first would be kept in the second. In addition, my self-confidence also increased.
My mom had a lot of milk, so I was confident she would have me, but I wasn't really worried about it. At the suggestion of the devil, we left out the daily meals and did not even measure how much he ate. From the beginning, she could be adjusted to her, sucking on her lips. The first three weeks I was next to me at night, when her baby was over, marked and received, but since she was a blessed baby, I was right back to the baby. She started to deviate from her routine four or seven weeks ago, and adjusted to her own rhythm, usually sucking three times a day, up to five times a day, and also enjoying the night. Everything went by itself, I just listened to her signs and tried to follow her. I was lucky, my environment was born into nothing!
After the sixth month, we began to recover, and did not cause any disruption. With patience, we did it gradually. He also enthusiastically seized the opportunity to breastfeed.
It is extremely relaxed, smiling, a nice, agile baby from the beginning, but at the same time it is very gentle, lustful, affectionate, and of course, it also expresses its dislike - with a gentle but short story. I think I was envied.
David is ready to eat any time
the mother: Eszter Maros (41)
starring Stephenson Dvid (3)
with brother Stephenson Dбniel Gedeon (7)
Dawn's birth weight is 3220 grams, 3800 grams a month, 6500 grams a month, 9600 grams a year
My first baby started breastfeeding very hard, we danced a lot on the blade, barely increased. I changed "unofficially" and kept in touch with one of my friends, so we found it difficult. Gida is also thin, not too late to eat…
My opposite son was just the opposite: as he was born, he started sucking at a thousand. Already in the hospital, I realized that he was willing to eat almost every time - he really ate, he didn't just cum. When we got home from the hospital, he continued at home: little sleeps, short but intense breastfeeding.
Because of the hardships with the first child, both the kid and the baby were watching for growth with blind eyes. We could say it by the second week, but there will be nothing wrong with it: the little one is not breastfeeding forever. The first month of ours was very difficult. "Couls" the kid, I thought, and on the advice of the wise, I tried to skip at least two hours of breastfeeding. If there was any result, it was not very legal. I was breastfeeding so often, but rarely, was it sore. At about the age of one month, there was a constant loss of weight while there was no change in breastfeeding practice.
She started eating meat a little before she was half-full, but her suckling frequency did not decrease until she had almost eaten the steaks. If you are sick or sick, you still breastfeed more often. I have the impression that breastfeeding is not only a matter of spiritual consolation, but also of medicine. Fбjdalomcsillapнtу.
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Specialist: Dr. Csaba Kуs, neonatologist, chief physician of the Almabsi Balogh Poul Kourrb Children's Hospital
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