Why do you just eat pappy? The pediatrician answers

Why do you just eat pappy? The pediatrician answers

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Do signs that seem to be harmless, such as a big-cat child eating a pap smear or infants hugging a lot, could indicate a serious illness?

Laura, my friend, is ready to eat for twenty months. All in all, the pieces of food are nothing short of croissant and delicious. Do I worry about that? Is this some kind of wickedness or other illness or just a bad habit? I read on the internet that eosinophilic inflammation of the gonorrhea can be a gangrene.
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In the intestine, they may experience congestion developmental abnormalities, these are quite rare and usually present with significant complaints, vomiting and abdominal distension in infancy, when the child does not develop properly. The eosinophilic cell inflammation is very rare, and usually you need to think about it when your baby is running out. Unfortunately, this pattern can only be recognized by anesthesia performed under general anesthesia (endoscopy). It is important to know that in the gastrointestinal tract, a stomach may develop at the base of the esophagus, where it penetrates into the stomach. For example, severe reflux (stomach contents return to the esophagus) can lead to the development of esophageal throat in childhood.

If you only eat a papist

However, your little girl is not shy about this, since someone who has some severe shortage is not willing to eat the croissant or the food. So with great currency in this case one we can talk about bad habits, which can only be overcome very slowly in this "racket" by force, beautifully. In this case, it can help if you are organizing a fun meal, such as a "baby coat" where similar ages come together. Don't bother with your own child's year here, or give him a piece of food.
On the other hand, praise others for being foolish enough to make a sausage sandwich… Sooner or later - the point is not to make her feel like it is important to them to not just eat pepper. Believe me, kids are always a little better at this kind of "fight".
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