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Fire stopping the baby's birth

Fire stopping the baby's birth

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It doesn't matter how long your baby will breastfeed and how much difficulty she has to deal with, and to say that breastfeeding is the simplest thing in the world? A lot of things are good for a good start.

The first few days of childbirth are especially important in a life of small size - you need to adapt to a brand new world. Her mother's hug and breast milk help her a lot. The Baby-Friendly Home Initiative aims to provide the best possible conditions for breastfeeding in this institution. The World Health Organization and UNICEF have formulated a recommendation based on facts proven by scientific methods for more than two decades for the purpose of the mission.
1. The institution should have clear breastfeeding guidelines that are regularly communicated to health workers.
The description posted in a prominent place should also include what baby-friendly initiation means. In addition, a single breastfeeding practice at birth should be validated. This includes, for example, early breastfeeding, 24-hour rooming-in provision, and the stipulation that workers may not accept a sample, leaflet, or other gift from a nutritional or baby-related company.
2. All health care professionals should receive adequate practical training in the application of the language of instruction.
The professional support of breastfeeding is nowadays a science, the theory and practice of which should be learned by the employees in the course, and the regular refresher should not be forgotten.
3. Inform pregnant mothers of the benefits of breastfeeding and its effects.
In order for the practice followed in the institution to be a burden rather than a burden for the mother, one must understand during breastfeeding how breastfeeding works: why not have sex with the baby, why not have sex, even if it was more comfortable at that moment. The opportunity to be informed is an up-to-date parenting course, but unfortunately not everyone is ready. Personal interviews with the nurse, the baby, the baby boots helped a lot. Well, if you get a brief information booklet, your mother will give you the most important information about breastfeeding.
4. Newborns are placed in skin contact with their mothers for at least one hour immediately after birth, and they are cuddled by mothers to observe their baby's signs when they are ready to breastfeed. Help me if you need it…
There is no practical obstacle to early body contact, even if the mother and the newborn are healthy. All you need to do is cover the mother and baby - protecting them from the chill - and have them be a skilled helper. That is, it is not about breastfeeding, but about being able to breastfeed with the necessary assurance of confusion. This is especially important after cesarean section when the maternal movement is restricted.
5. Show all mothers how to breastfeed and maintain breastfeeding, even if they are expelled from children for some reason.
Few young women know how to lick the newborn and how to breastfeed. The role of infant nurses is to highlight the importance of frequent, on-demand breastfeeding or, if this is not possible, early onset and regular breastfeeding. Every mother should personally tell her that milk production can be sustained for months even if the baby is not with her.
6. Give your child food or drink other than breast milk only on medical advice.
Breast milk is considered a safe diet. Anyone gets a baby, reduces the chance of effective breastfeeding, and increases the risk of developing certain illnesses. There is a good reason to get anything (tea, formula, medicine) from the breast milk for the newborn. High heat or yellowness alone do not justify milking.
7. It is a general practice to place the mother and the newborn together in every urn of the day.
In order for the baby to tune in to the baby to be able to detect the tiny signs of the baby, they need to be close together. This also has an effect on the frequency of breastfeeding. There is no reason why a healthy mother-child couple should be separated from one another, bathing, medical examinations and vaccinations in the presence of the mother.
8. Encourage all mothers to breastfeed according to the needs of the newborn.
To start and maintain milk production, you need to breastfeed more frequently, from birth and not from milk intake. Breastfeeding over time usually leads to milk clotting. The first few days, weeks, can be "disappointing" in the mother, who may have counted on a lot of sleeping, plump, smiling babies - as the media portrays the little ones. It is the job of health workers to prepare them for the baby's life-style, to support breastfeeding as needed, and to increase their confidence.
9. Breastfeeding infants should not be given pacifiers or breast feeding.
The use of any pacifier can disrupt your baby's breastfeeding and can be a source of various infections. The same problems can be caused by improper, unjustified use of flower buds. If it is inevitable that the baby will be given birth, drink in a baby-friendly house with a glass or a small spoon.
10. Support the creation of breastfeeding mothers and inform mothers of those who have lost their birth.
Most baby-friendly clubs organize a baby-mom club, but it is better to have an independent mother group. Exchange of experience is one of the most effective forms of breastfeeding aid, unfortunately still in our shoes. It is easier to cope with difficulties by relying on someone who has experienced a similar problem himself.
The way to earn a title
Since 1991, 16,000 hospitals and nursing homes worldwide have won the baby-friendly title. In order to be able to put the diploma on the wall, you need to pass a serious "exam" and apply to the National Board for Breastfeeding in Hungary to begin the examination. Specialists trained by UNICEF will monitor (and assist if necessary) the preconditions. Then the surveyed commissioners spend a day at the birth, interview the workers and a few mothers, observe the care of the baby and possibly have more babies. In Hungary, the staff of the Maternity Magazine also take part in this process. Here you can read how!
In our country in early May 2011, the following hospitals have a baby-friendly title:
Metropolitan Government of St Stephen and St. Louis Church, Budapest
University of Debrecen Medical and Health Center, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Debrecen
St. Luke's Health Co. Dombouwr
Vaszary Kolos Kуrhбz, Esztergom
Petz Aladбr County Teacher Kuhrbaz, Győr
DE OEC Kazincbarcika Kуrhбz Ltd. Kazincbarcika
B.A.Z County School and University Educational School, Miskolc
St. Lazar County Courthouse, Salgutaran
Almbsi Balogh Pbl Mabtrix Kuhrzb, Uzd
PTE OEC Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pecs
Siofok Vrros Kourbar - Order, Siofok
József - Nagykun - Szolnok County Weekly Giza Kourrzb - Order, Szolnok
Zala County Court, Zalaegerszeg
Miskolc Semmelweis Ignác Health Center and University Educational Nonprofit Ltd., Miskolc
Jбvorszky Цdцn Varos Township, Vác
Ferenc Markhot Kurhazz, Health Service Nonprofit Highly Reserved Ltd., Eger

Bababarбtsбg? Anyabarбtsбg?
During an on-the-spot interview with Maternity Magazine, a number of institutions that didn't even claim the title claimed to be baby-friendly. Many people do not know that Baby Friendly does not mean that the staff in the classroom is friendly with their newborns, but that it is not enough to bring babies into the nursery. Occasionally, the Head of Division said that the department was not baby-friendly, but mother-in-law. "Let the mom relax and not burden the child with breastfeeding and breastfeeding." Only those who do not know that breastfeeding, infrequent breastfeeding, breastfeeding, pacifiers are responsible for a number of subsequent breastfeeding problems, which is really a burden for the family, read.


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