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Baby Evolution Mania - When to Worry?

Baby Evolution Mania - When to Worry?

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You've turned around, haven't you? Still not crying? My son was already old at this age! Familiar sentences, right? But how worth it to deal with us?

Baby Evolution Mania - When to Worry?

Developmental milestones are not where they are. Watch them, watch your child, possibly without worry - and consult a specialist if you need it. go through all the steps. Learn to rotate them all in the office, get ready, let's just start straightening afterwards, and be symmetrical in every way possible.
"My baby was very grateful, but when he started to mumble, he seemed to be completely half-sided in what he was doing." - tells the 33-year-old Emese. "I found it very sweet because my dumb spot was the same way back then. A friend of mine was laughing at me while I was taking Luca to a thigh-bodied gymnastics work. his movement became symmetrical. It was very educational. "

The average is the best

Movement levels are obviously an average: if your child learns to crawl or swim at the average time, then you don't have much to do. Except if its movement appears prominent. In this case, it is worth showing it to a specialist. If you start each movement relatively quickly, you won't want to seek advice from a specialist, but you probably know that. But few know that too early a jump is not necessarily a sign of "sincerity."
"My baby boy turned two at the age of seven, I was terribly proud of" - recalls the 29-year-old Dуri events five years ago. "Later on, I say thank God my anger did not share my pride. Then I was very saddened to be sent to healing gymnastics, but he was right: my son's muscles were very tight, probably short of oxygen. Peti snapped, we had to return to the gym occasionally to take them out again. "

Don't force the wheel!

Based on experience, no one is particularly forced to revolve, cook, and practice. If the baby seems very "lazy", the defender or a knowledgeable physiotherapist can, of course, sway him, but few have the urge to spin or beg for the child. The play, on the other hand, belongs to another tab. As soon as your baby reaches the age to go (from one year old to the next), everyone starts to worry about when to start.
Of course, the Drukk itself does not hurt, just as if you were to call yourself, you could, after all, do the first step. On the other hand, having a child who is unable to walk on their own, or being put in a baby ferry, can be especially bad for them. You should definitely try these things!
There is no particular need for a wheeled promotional wheeled tool, but it can do much less for it.

What if something was missed?

It may be most interesting to know exactly how and when you achieved some of the milestones in movement development when examining kindergarten and / or school education. The good news is that you can choose from a variety of methods if it seems you need to correct some missed or poorly motioned movement. The bad thing, though, is that everything goes together, missed cooking, for example, can cause dyslexia later on. (This does not mean that it will in any case cause dyslexia, but it may also be in the background of reading or even reading difficulties.)
"When I was in a big group, I took my son to a basic therapist because his movement was a bit crazy." - tells the 39-year-old Bernadett. "It was revealed that some of the infant reflexes had" forgotten "to grow out. This only meant something in motion, but it could have caused learning difficulties, for example. This is very practical, but if you do not miss it, it will, for example, make the child very tired when reading, because the upper body is also working unnoticed.

Where can you turn?

First of all, if you are worried that something is wrong, believe in yourself! There is no need to flaunt everything, but mothers are surprised many times to keep well when there is a problem. Of course, if you are properly screened, you can rest assured, but if you are sent "without worrying", you are not looking for another, more thorough expert.
You Can Ask For Help (Among Others)
  • the weddings
  • gyуgytornбsz
  • TSMT therapist
  • based therapy specialist
  • ayres therapist

Mobility Development: What Does the Professional Say?

"It's quite natural that not all babies develop equally, in the same limb, "he says Kovács Йva, gymnastics. "I find it very important to lie on the stomach, if it is not at night, then at least during the day, for a little while after eating, even if it may not be the most comfortable for your baby. a good backbone for a baby, which is the cornerstone of good posture, livelihood, stability, and wellness, but you don't have to be frightened immediately when certain stages of your physical activity are started. and the twins also have it.
If, on the other hand, your baby does not seem to be sleeping much or still, and especially if you wake up sooner than he or she is, it is definitely worth consulting a professional. Personally, I consider cooking to be key, and I will not rest until my baby is trained to emulate. "
Keep track of your baby's development in the Baby Room!
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