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Eat less by eating calories

Eat less by eating calories

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Orsolya Freidler (32), the mother of a three-year-old baby boy, eats what she wants, but strictly counts how much she can eat.

Before: Orsi Zalán was born 80 kilos after birth

I've been 96 kilos in my life - it's awful to say! Although I managed to lose weight, I was not able to lose weight for a while because the baby came (which is much happier!), I weighed 19 kilos, and there was fire after that. While I was breastfeeding, I couldn't get rid of it. I wouldn't have dared to try something like that. But afterwards - yes, the calorie-throwing results did, but the gills were surprisingly easy to melt.

The method

Take a big breath, elhatбrozni, and eat less. I am not a believer in strict diets, which I cannot adhere to because, say, I did not get to the market to buy a lunch for the day.
Instead, I went into the fridge, explored the options, and I ate what I wanted. But much less than I would have done. Kalуriatбblбzat with help I calculated how much I could eat and kept it.

Afterwards: 10 kilos lighter, 70 kilos.
The target is three pounds to 172 inches
the height should be perfect

I commanded 1,200 calories, but there was a day when I was below it. After a while, a spontaneously formed one calorie dietthat will fill the tummy. Even at the time of purchase, I served it naturally for greens, brown bread, lean meats, and ham. The hardest thing on the way to weight loss is that everyone encourages you to eat, making the comments that you are not going to miss this one. Luckily, I didn't leave it, just went after my own head. Today I do not want to lose weight, but I want to keep my weight, therefore, although I gradually eat more, I still apply the knowledge and experience gained.

In addition to healthy eating, exercise also needs to be addressed

That's how dietitian Vincefin Simon Simon steams

The calorie table can be used by everyone and they can calculate their daily calorie intake. However, it should also be borne in mind that szйnhidrбt, the zsнr And a fehйrje also its proportion. It is also worth exposing yourself to the nutrition pyramid if you are reducing your energy intake. I don't want to talk home, but with the help of a professional, you can put your eating habits back in good control.
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