Thousands may be excluded from tertiary education due to language exam regulation

Thousands may be excluded from tertiary education due to language exam regulation

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Thousands are excluded from higher education, and admission rates can drop by as much as 30 to 40 percent if the education government does not change the stricter rules that come to fruition.

Strict rules that will come to fruition require applicants to complete a complex intermediate language exam in basic, non-core courses, he told the World Economy. Zoltбn RozgonyiPresident of the United Linguists.Thousands may be excluded from higher education due to language exams (photo: iStock) According to a report published in Tuesday's edition, there are no seizures in language schools for the time being, although the number of applicants this year is 45 percent and the number of students enrolled almost 40 percent did not have an intermediate language exam. In the first eight months of the year, almost 88,000 people were asked to take a language exam, while last year, 120,500 people said, " and the specialty language exam required for admission should be introduced in a specialized manner.
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