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Arrange a baby party!

Arrange a baby party!

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Tired, snacks or baby boots? From the point of view of the snacks you own, it doesn't matter! We offer healthy, light snacks for the little ones in the sun, and if you have a baby bib, take them out in the open!

Have a good spring together! Your weekend is a great time to invite a few small-child friends. If there is no garden, organize somewhere outdoors, a well-known, well-known place where you will not be surprised by the distances and terrain.
The Bibie Party adjusting your length and time to your children's agenda, and keep an eye on it as too many stimuli can confuse the little ones. By the age of two, children should be up to three in total. At this age, they prefer to play side by side, and their moms steer them. You don't need much more than that, but you can toss the fat in two tricks. Even the smallest enjoy it: - Give them a bubble, if they have bigger brothers, they will be happy to help. - Let's get a big blanket and, with the help of a parent or a poodle, zip-soup the kids. Do not hurry, the same seedling can come up three times in a row, suggests Judit Jakabosné Kovács Cs.

What do we have?

In the case of babies who are breast-fed before the age of one year, there is usually no need for a tummy tuck or a snack, and the three main meals cover their needs abundantly. Experts recommend eating up to half a liter of a diet of six-month-old babies and one-year-old babies, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Your baby will also depend on whether or not you are willing to accept one or two snacks of raw fruit, but you probably don't need any more. After the first birthday, the diet of the little ones is changing more and more. There are those who, during the enrollment period, fall deeply into their hunger, and in essence, the snacks and snacks are the highlight of the day, and others become so much hungry that they eat. The point is that you do not stuff it with sweets or desserts at this time - you really do not need it even on festive occasions. And if you get too small for a common Dulutan game or just a birthday party, you can cook them with the same types of meals we use for meals or snacks. In other words, nothing difficult, and beggars only with mews. In those cases, the tone is not the same at all!
Lead the muffin
Served with 38 pieces: eggs, twenty deca sheep, a bunch of dill, a spoonful of sour cream, two cloves of grated garlic, 1.5 deci kefir, 30 dl of wholemeal basil, two dumplings minimuffins required, this is just the right size for this tiny kid's brand.

Apply a little butter to the muffin burrs. Wash it, drain it, then dice it. Beat the eggs foam with a stone spoonful of salt. Mix thoroughly the flour and the roasting powder, then add the whisked eggs in the following order, whisking constantly: first the sheep meat, then the kefir, dill, garlic, and finally the flour. If you already have a lump-free, smooth paste, add one tablespoon of the dish to the dish so that it reaches up to about a quarter of a millet, about one tablespoon. In a 160-170 degree oven, it's done in less than a quarter, and you can take it out when it's nice golden.
Instead of a guide, add 20 decks of grated cheese to the egg, leaving all the rest with the dill. When you have already spooned the mass into the muffin bar, put a little orange tomato sauce on top of each with a small spoon.

Chestnut balls

Ingredients: 25 Deca Natural Chestnut Ground, 5 Tablespoons Sugar-Free Plum Jelly or 5 Deca Soaked Raspberries, 2 Tablespoon Oat Bran
Mix the chestnut mass thoroughly with the jam. Make big cherry balls and roll in oatmeal. Minyongall is on the verge of his death. It is perfect for teas and snacks, and one of the favorites for baby grease!


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