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Tips to avoid having a kid

Tips to avoid having a kid

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Pasta, french fries and milk french fries. The sacred trio of a child's favorite food that we do when we do anything but grimace. Almost unbelievable, though, the frustration is avoidable. Well let's say how!

It is up to you how much fun your child will have

Work for diversity

There are genetic causes for finesse. Few children are better off from birth, and fewer others. Research has also shown how sensitive we are to bitter taste, for example, and it is passed down through generations. However, this does not mean that parents have to accept the exaggeration.Marion HetheringtonAccording to a professor at the University of Leeds, the kind of food we offer our children at the start of nutrition has a huge impact on how much they feel they want to eat. "Numerous studies have shown that if the baby meets more food after 6 months, he will adopt more healthy eating habits."

The first couple of weeks of supplementation is key

Younger babies are even more accepting of new water and textures than larger cats, who have just overwrought their heads with a kind of natural delicacy. That is why if you are trying to introduce as many fruits and vegetables as you can between the ages of 6 and 9 months, you will maximize your chances of being accepted later. And when we say "wide variety", we mean a lot of variety: up to 4-5 different fruits and greens per week. Let's also change the textures! If you only give the baby some fruit at the age of 9 months, but no greens at all, then you are very likely to have trouble taking the broccoli in toddler age.

Add some green to your baby's milk

You read it. You may have grown up with the idea of ​​nausea, even though this is a very effective way of making the baby less accepting of the greenery that has been known in the past. "6 hуnapos korбban give a kevйs kivбlasztott zцldsйgpьrйt mother's milk or tбpszerhez to become familiar with this mуdon the New Account нzzel. Tйgy нgy 12 days and then stirred in a kevйs rice in vбlasztott zцldsйgbхl. Gradually csцkkentsd rice mennyisйgйt, mнg vйgьl kнnбld at tisztбn zцldsйgpьrйvel the babбt "With this method, you can also love the little greens (or fruits) with the little one," says Professor Marion.

So I persevered

We are trying to have a spoonful of rappers in the baby's mouth, but he is persistently grimacing and immediately regaining health. Ismerхs? In these cases, it is easiest to flip over two hands and never try again. However, if we are persistent, the little ones will be willing to accept the food that I don't like. "Newly introduced greens often need to be offered to babies five times more than before they are accepted - many times more than ever. The same is true with 2-3 year old toddlers, so don't give up!" advises the expert.

Neofubbs 2 ives

"Children are suddenly about 24 months old, neofуbiбsak they will be - that is, they fear all the good that is unknown to them. In these cases, they are generally unwilling to taste the snacks they have been offered, and in many cases they also reject the ones they had eaten yesterday. Unfortunately, this is a very this is the habit, "says Marion. In these cases, the most you can do is not attach too much importance to the matter, and try to create a relaxed environment.

Don't force anything

Living in a row of rattlesnakes can be a little easy on the table, even though numerous researches have proven that eating your meal is not good for you. In fact, he is doing exactly the opposite. For example, a study in Appetite revealed clearly that children who were forced to eat ate less than those who were left with as much as they would have liked. As a woman, leave the papacy, set it aside for a while, enjoy your own dinner (exemplification of the best way to eat), and make sure that the child will eat as much as he or she needs. She will surely not die.
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