Vacation in the mountains

Vacation in the mountains

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Far from the noise of the city, the clutter, the hot asphalt, the polluted air, we can find the best place for a holiday with little ones!

You do not need to be allergic or often sick to breathe in the crystal clear air of your family, your tiny children. Even when planning your vacation we mainly think of beaches and beaches, fewer people decide to plan their annual holidays in high mountains. But looking for a more ideal one would not find a family with small children! With a small Irish car, you can reach the most beautiful village of the Austrian Alps, Alpbach and a thousand meters high. Who ever goes there never forgets the snow-capped mountains, the thousand-flowered meadows, the beautifully grazed cows, the beautiful forest, Alpine farmhouses. There is silence, tranquility everywhere, and the air is so clear and fresh that the first person leads outwards to take in a breath and once again marvel at the unforgettable beauty of the countryside.
Calm and busy
The versatility of Austrian parenting praises the fact that this small settlement of 2500 people has a wide variety of options and everyone from infants to teenagers will find it in their own right. State-of-the-art tours, adventure park, children's park, animal petting, monkey gardens, ponds and indoor swimming pool for waterfalls, various off-road tours and guides. You can choose full board in the most beautiful hotel of the village, the Romantic Hotel, you can choose from a well-being in a hundred-year-old alpine chalet with ten beds, a longer distance from the village, or choose a child. Prices range from well below Balaton to the luxury category, and everyone fits into their wallets. For sure, everyone here desires to be a returning brotherhood. Therefore, it is not worth booking in time!
You can carry a whole day's luggage with your little ones in a backpack or cloth, resting in the shelters where you can snack on fresh cheese and lard. There are also trails that can be taken with a good spring stroller, but naturally there are also bicycle rides across the countryside, so you can take your April trips with you by bike.
Worth checking out!
Boulevard village in the Austrian Alps www.alpachtal.at
Great fun with kids in Alpbach www.kinderpark.at
A fantastic suggestion for those who don't like the hustle and bustle and for a quiet, peaceful place where the air is crystal clear www.bischoferalm.com


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