How to teach him about nasal passages?

How to teach him about nasal passages?

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An important step in healing is that if the child is able to sprout his nose by himself, he is not referring to the parent. Plus, if you play it all playfully, you can quickly master the technique!

How to teach him about nasal passages?

In order for the child to understand how he can effectively and nasally bleed his nose, it is not difficult to show him some tricks.

Feather and balloons

It might be a feather on the table, or some other lightweight one, but it's not too small and we show ourselves how to fly it out of the air with our nose. we will show the child how we can use nasal (non-oral) delivery to the other site. After all, of course, they can try it too. The kid's work is the balloon method, which not only teaches nasal discharge but also prevents the development of nhatta fever. All you need is a lowered balloon and a hanging heart, which help the little nose boil the balloon.

That's why cleaning is important

The nasal mucosa of the nose carries important physiological functions: it filters, moisturizes and warms the inhaled air. This three task can be fulfilled if the air is not too contaminated, if the humidity is adequate and there is no viral or bacterial infection in the nasal cavity. Thus, by mastering the technique of nose trimming, your child can unintentionally get rid of the inflamed voice, thereby preventing inflammation of the face or inflammation of the face. It is very important to master the correct nostril technique to always have two nostrils alternately his head the child by catching the others in the middle. Let's not catch all of their nostrils for short moments.
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