Take care of office and paperwork instead of parentsAdd time and peace of mind - will help

Take care of office and paperwork instead of parentsAdd time and peace of mind - will help

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Did you know that there is a special service that you can give me as a gift? In essence, even if the mother is ready for birth, is born, or has a baby, they do everything instead: they clear the case, get the papers, they stand in line.

Perfect Ideas!

An expectant mother, when approaching childbirth, does not necessarily want to have a battle of the mills with her agents, to acquire papers, and to adjust to the times.
And even after childbirth, the situation will not be the same for a new family with a new child: surely no time. However, there are obligations, paperwork that you need to do to get your mother's state benefits and your child's paperwork.
Many will give their families useful things, but it is not a good idea for anyone to recommend that they do their paperwork so that parents do not have to go to another office officially. However, there is a service that can be given to you, and it's just like taking those burdens off the parents' shoulders!

What do they do?

For example, TGYBs, maternity support, family lures are in need. emails you what kind of papers you need, helps you pick them up, and tells you if you miss something, and then finishes it.
We also undertake baby-related inquiries: purchase a certificate of birth, a residence card, a TAJ card. They can cope with all the tasks, but they can only assign one task to the company.
Many young parents do not know what their rights are or how to get them done, especially if they are going on a parental leave from a smaller company or business - this can make it harder for them to get money. You will need to obtain and complete more documents - and you may need to visit the office again for a forgotten addition.
The parent saves at least 5-10-15 hours of surveying and follow-up if he puts it all on e-mail.
So far, these assessments have been carried out more than 500 times in place of parents.
- The feedback is positive, we haven't had a single case! - said Eszter Gyõri, a member of elintézzь, who also said that I have experienced: After the resuscitations, they often entrust them with new tasks…

Definitely - but kindly!

Is communication a problem anymore? Is a parent constantly running out of time? Do you want to postpone starting your resume? These problems are also addressed by the firm. Indeed, it is the client who "sits" on the papers, in this case politely but determinedly asking for co-operation - this is what clients usually say when delivering papers. It also makes it convenient for them to go to the house with the trust and other paperwork as needed.

They don't know the impossible!

While most of the cases are relatively simple and require only adequate knowledge, time and line, there are special things that "earthly mortals" can handle only with great hardship - if at all. Eszter Gyхri also gave me an example.
"A very nice client of mine wanted to marry, but he needed an old-fashioned elective, which, however, could only be chosen where the election itself took place. But he didn't remember it at all, but not just the time, that it was very cold and in the midst of it he heard a train pass by the building.
We found out with the help of a map (where you could be on a train at a bargain), and after a little trial, we found out the right place, picked the right certificates, so we didn't know much about it.
"But we have had a mother whose papal dolls revealed that because she had married many times, but she had always been foreign, and she hadn't just been homeless, just once. the first one was shorter than the second, and the third one was still not reported to the Hungarian registry office, so the little one would have had to be named if we didn't help quickly fix this legal kalamaika. "
But not just paperwork can be hired on! If your dad wants a bouquet of flowers in his mother's room, but he also sits next to his new mother and admires their baby, will do just the same as the homeopathic remedies or baby.
But there are also situations when the label is right: if there is no one to help quickly, when the diaper is out, no one to choose a medicine, the mail just leaves a check, but nobody can leave the office during working hours. this is all up to you.

Did you only help parents?

No! Only one of the company's activities is parenting, and they also assume all official business.
They help you lose lost documents, make car rerouting, get paperwork from public services, "wrestle" with customer services, anything you can do with your authorization, you can.
For example, they have set up a (gift) package that allows the client to decide what they want. Just for example, they are not surprised: they take the broken phone to the service center, take the leased books back to the library and pay the gratuity, and all the services are done.
Anyone who wants it can have their monthly or annual solid grant concierge. You can order a theater ticket, bring clothes from the cleaner, or do anything that would rather make you ...
"Our dear client was suddenly visited by foreign business partners who wanted to give a special gift. With the help of persistent internet search and tons of phones, we found the desired piece, bought it, and at the last minute, packed it in the door, delivered it.
Our other client could not go to a doctor for 3 years because he did not have a valid Thai card - but he could not get to the OEP. After a little research, it turned out that a number were simply pushed through the system and that it was repaired, and from there it was able to travel happily again, assured me of traveling in the world, "Eszter Gyõri said, and I believe him.


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