There will be new list rules from April

There will be new list rules from April

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They hope for a clearer situation with the new rules, there will be a difference between the so-called engagement list.

Starting from April The National Health Security Fund Manager (NEAK) introduces new checklist rules from April. The institutions will also be controlled by software.
They make a difference between the so-called appointment list and are expecting a clearer situation.There will be new list rules from April Those who are not operated on their own request at the earliest possible time, or because they are not available in the status list, will be added to the appointment list. If your doctor does not reserve space for the earliest date, but sooner, you will receive an error message and the patient will not be able to enter the system. And if a patient is picked up at the earliest date, the benefit will not be paid by the insurer until it is clarified, which is why, according to the document available to you, And no one should get a date as soon as possible. The health fund will send a daily error list to the services. If the necessary repairs are not carried out, the treasury will penalize the affected company on the tenth working day. The effectiveness of the system is based on the fact that, according to NEAK, if this rule had worked for the past, it would have been possible for a quarter of those on the list to impose a penalty.
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