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Cover the nose

Cover the nose

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Of course, it is a child's part to do this because, in addition to being disgusting, it also aids in morbidity. Think about publicly nasal clearing because of something blocking your breath or causing itching.

Cover the nose

Nasal passages can speak in heated areas and this sheer nasal discharge does not help, but rather injecting saline into the nose With the help of a dry nasal spray, we can make our own seafood solution, but we can also get a sea salt solution in a drugstore. Make sure that your child learns the correct nasal technique quickly: one head at a time, holding the other one. Also pay attention to the strength of the head, you do not have to head too hard, but let the action be determined.At the same time keep the room air moist Ventilate regularly or ventilate with a damp hood. We can also use the essential oil of a child's age, not too much, because it can cause irritation. If you are talking about nasal passages, get your little one used to clean your nose with lukewarm water, and wash your hands with soap afterwards.
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